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Taiwan militia went to Japan to test nuclear pollution value of paddy field of Chiba county now CS -137- Beijing China Taiwan network November 22nd news according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that the Cai Yingwen administration intends to open up Japan’s nuclear disaster counties food imports, Taiwan Green Consumer Foundation Chairman Fang 22, personally to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 5 counties of radiation sampling, understand the situation, and webcast. Afternoon square a first station to Chiba County India paddy soil sampling test 3 test streamers of biogas, are measured by a nuclear disaster in the main artificial nuclear leakage "cesium -137", the highest detected 19.256 Beck per kilogram. Taiwan environmental radiation out of tune group convener Lin Ruizhu said, "to measure soil cesium 137 19.256 Beck mean, this piece of land has been polluted the nuclear disaster, here out of the crop may be contaminated, and in accordance with the different agricultural products have varying degrees of pollution. For example, mushroom were classified as high risk, especially will absorb radiation. In addition, Lin Ruizhu cited examples of deep-sea fish, tuna, swordfish and salmon are anadromous fish, eat fish eater, located at the top of the food chain, the cumulative mercury content so high. So, often swim in the sea nothing, but often eat deep-sea fish is likely to occupy. Japan’s nuclear radiation pollution of the environment with the kind of food out there, but also the relationship. "We can eat Taiwan without radiation pollution of the environment of the kind of agricultural products, why do you want to eat the land around the Fukushima pollution?" Lin Ruizhu said that although the Taiwan region is the Standard Specification for radiation radiation food 100 kg / kg, but only the soil is so high, the production of food to have a big impact, but also to do to understand the impact of the. But cesium -137 in the human body has a half-life of about 30 years, the highest in 300 years in the environment completely dissipated, and long-term consumption of food contaminated with radiation for medical research, a serious fear of suffering from thyroid cancer, leukemia, cancer, or heart, liver, kidney failure, will cause abortion. Fang said before departure, carrying a total of several sets of equipment, the total weight of more than 60 kilograms, by more than 30 years of experience in professional inspection personnel to operate in accordance with international standards, and to control the local environmental background value, make accurate positioning and measurement. A pedestrian will continue to move north tomorrow, is expected to arrive tomorrow at Fukushima, and will also be tested on the webcast.相关的主题文章: