Syria reproduction of chemical suspicions of the OPCW have been accused of Prejudice – Beijing pr011.msi

Syria reproduction of "chemical" suspicions of the OPCW have been accused of "Prejudice" – Beijing, Syria’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement 13, against the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) on the Syrian government forces used chemical weapons charges. Last week, the OPCW adopted relevant resolutions. 11 this month, is headquartered in Holland Hague, the OPCW has passed a resolution against the Syrian army and the extremist organization Islamic state in the use of chemical weapons in Syria. The resolution also supports the Syrian military facilities and scientific research institutions unrestricted verification. Syrian foreign ministry said in a statement on the opposition 13, said the resolution with prejudice". The statement also pointed out that some countries use the OPCW as a tool to achieve political goals. The same day, the "square" television reported that the Syrian opposition forces shelled the northern city of Aleppo International Airport is located in the Syrian government positions, and mixed with the gas in the shells, killing at least 28 government soldiers were injured. The Russian Foreign Ministry said 12 OPCW resolution of the lack of factual basis. At the same time, this decision means that the OPCW by verification of Syria this sovereign military and technological power monitoring, which is in the implementation of sanctions against the Syrian government. The organization has become a tool for political and economic pressure on Damascus".相关的主题文章: