Suzhou commercial housing price check nine categories of price behavior to investigate and deal

Suzhou to carry out inspection of commercial housing price nine price behavior to carry out special inspections focus on the behavior of commercial housing sales price, is to maintain the real estate market price order, effective measures to regulate the price behavior of the operators, so as to promote the healthy and stable development of the real estate market in our city. From September 23rd, the price departments at all levels in Suzhou will carry out a special inspection on the sale price of commodity houses in the whole city. The inspection is for sale in the whole city. The price departments at all levels in Suzhou will focus on selecting some local patrolling hot spots around the market, as well as checking up the buildings with higher or more consumers’ reflection. The specific check whether the operator of commercial housing has the following behavior: whether the use of soil taken as soil surrounding real estate price gouging shoot; two is prominently in the commercial housing market place, placing pre commercial housing (Sales) sales license, real estate pre-sale program related information, price tag, price list or price of manual. The price tag in the sale of commercial housing; three is the pre-sale permit in accordance with the provisions in the project after 10 days of one-time publicly announced the sale of all the houses; four is implemented in accordance with the provisions of the set a standard; five price information is complete, there is no price tag, in accordance with the provisions of the content of publicity related fees, such as volume rate the rate of greening, parking spaces, and rate of property service fees and other relevant information and fees; six marked sold commercial housing prices, whether to mark the actual transaction price; seven is in the price and the public The charges outside the sales price, showing the cost charged separately; false false discount, eight discount, or the use of false information, vague language, misleading price means the price of fraud and other violations; nine violations of the provisions of the sale price of commercial housing. This special inspection began in September 23rd and ended in November 30th and turned to a daily inspection. The special inspection of commercial housing sales price behavior in Suzhou is organized and deployed by the Municipal Bureau of commodity price inspection bureau. In accordance with the principle of territorial management, the price departments of municipalities and districts are responsible for the specific implementation, and organize the implementation of the inspection work in their respective jurisdictions. The Inspection Branch of the Suzhou Price Bureau will carry out the inspection and supervision of the buildings in the city, Wujiang and Kunshan. According to the relevant person in charge, the purpose of this special inspection is to stop the bid price irregularities, price fraud and promote the implementation of real estate regulation policies, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The behavior of the developers to resist inspection and refusing to provide inspection information will be dealt with seriously in accordance with the laws and regulations and will be exposed.

苏州开展商品房售价检查 九类价格行为重点查处开展商品房销售价格行为专项检查,是维护商品房市场价格秩序,规范经营者价格行为的有效措施,从而促进我市房地产市场持续健康稳定发展。 9月23日起,苏州各地各级价格部门将在全市范围内开展商品房销售价格行为专项检查。此次检查为全市在售楼盘,苏州各地各级价格部门将重点选择一些土拍周边热点楼盘,以及前期涨幅较高、消费者反映较多的楼盘进行检查。具体检查商品房经营者是否存在以下行为:㈠是否利用土拍之际,土拍周边楼盘哄抬价格的;㈡是否在商品房交易场所的醒目位置,放置商品房预(销)售许可证、楼盘预售方案相关信息、标价牌、价目表或者价格手册,对在售商品房进行明码标价;㈢是否按规定在项目取得预售许可证后,10日内一次性公开对外销售全部房源;㈣是否按规定实行“一套一标”;㈤标价信息是否齐全,有没有按照规定内容明码标价、公示相关收费项目,如容积率、绿化率、车位配比率及前期物业服务费等相关信息和收费;㈥标示已售商品房价格的,是否标示实际成交价格;㈦是否在标价和公示的收费之外加价销售,另行收取未予标明的费用;㈧是否存在虚假折扣、虚假优惠,或者利用虚假信息、模糊语言、容易使人误解的标价方式进行价格欺诈的行为;㈨其他违反商品房销售价格规定的行为。本次专项检查从9月23日开始,11月30日结束,结束后转为日常巡查。苏州市商品房销售价格行为专项检查由市物价局检查分局统一组织部署,按照属地管理原则,由各市、区价格部门负责具体实施,组织落实本辖区内的检查工作。苏州市物价局检查分局将对市区、吴江及昆山的楼盘进行抽查、督查。据相关负责人介绍,本次专项检查目的是制止商品房销售中的标价不规范行为、价格欺诈行为,促进房地产调控政策落实,切实维护广大消费者的合法权益。对开发商抵制检查、拒不提供检查资料等行为,将依照法律法规给予严肃处理,并予以曝光。相关的主题文章: