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Home-Improvement The Thanksgiving holiday is now in our rear view mirror. For many of us who live in snow-prone areas, this only means one thing: The white stuff is on the way! As December temperatures begin to consistently hover around the freezing mark, we ready ourselves for those few times each winter where we must dig ourselves out of a relatively deep snowfall. Depending on where you live, a shovel or two in the garage might be enough to take care of those 3 to 6 inch snowfalls you find on your driveway several times every winter. For the deeper and more frequent snowfalls, many turn to snow blowers and snow throwers to not only save time, but to diminish wear and tear on their bodies. Before snow blowers were as prevalent as they are today, it used to take hours to painstakingly shovel out those wet and heavy snowfalls. And if you werent careful and didnt use proper body mechanics, your back would be sore for at least a few days afterwards. For these reasons alone, the snow thrower is worth its weight in gold. Get Your Machine Ready! It is easy to procrastinate when it .es to snow thrower maintenance. Just when the leaves start to show signs of autumn, it seems winter follows suit almost in the blink of an eye. It seems just as you’re getting around to bringing your lawn and garden equipment to the lawn mower repair shop for service, its time to use the snow blower. During the course of our busy lives, its not always easy to remember to schedule maintenance on your yard equipment a season ahead. Youre not usually thinking about lawn mower repairs in the dead of winter. But it would be wise to get your machine ready to operate efficiently when the grass starts to spring up. The same principle applies for your snow thrower. It’s suggested to bring it into the shop for a little servicing in the fall; as you dont want to be caught in the midst of a heavy snow storm and not have your snow blower ready for the season. Otherwise, you might be breaking out that primitive shovel instead. Service Specifics If you have the time, tools and space, there’s no reason why you cant do some preseason snow thrower maintenance and servicing on your own. However, it’s understandable if you would rather leave it to the professionals, as most of the top-line lawn and garden equipment repair shops guarantee their work. Some of the typical service work conducted during annual snow blower tune-ups include: Recycling the engine oil and fuel. Removing and cleaning the carburetor. Inspecting drive belts for wear and tear, replacing them if necessary. Checking drive shaft and wheel bearings. Greasing and lubricating all moving parts. Checking the tires and tire pressure. Checking the starter, plugs and other electrical parts to make sure theyre working correctly. Checking levers and cables for proper tension. Making sure that oil and fuel are replaced to proper levels. Again, these are things that you could also do on your own. But until you .e up to speed on basic snow blower service and maintenance, its best to leave your machine to the folks with experience to ensure your snow blower will provide optimal performance when the first major snow hits town. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: