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The National People’s Congress retrial Film Industry Promotion Law: to increase efforts to support the Sohu news August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Rong) today, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee will convene a twenty-second meeting to continue the consideration of national defense transportation method, the film industry promotion law, Chinese medicine law draft. It is reported that the amendment of foreign enterprise law, the marine environmental protection law and in criminal cases in some areas to carry out pilot work that authorizes the guilty punishment leniency system will also be presented to the first meeting for consideration. Defense traffic law: the implementation of the law to implement the integration of military and civilian integration strategy held in late April, the Standing Committee meeting for the first time considered the draft defense traffic law. This is the first formal legislation in the field since 1995, when the State Council issued the defense traffic regulations. From the first draft, the key is to improve the traffic in the construction of national defense military coordination mechanism, to encourage citizens and organizations to participate in the construction of national defense transportation, improve strategic delivery capabilities, improve peacetime transformation mechanism. Compared to the previous regulations, the draft guidance on the interests of the mechanism, the rights and obligations of the builders involved in the adjustment and other aspects of strengthening. The draft of a total of 57, divided into general, national defense transportation planning, traffic engineering facilities and civil vehicles, transport, transportation security, defense defense defense traffic material reserves, legal liability and supplementary provisions chapter nine. The meeting will consider the draft two reviewers. Film Industry Promotion Law: increase the intensity of industrial support film industry promotion law draft of the trial is in late October 2015. The legislative intent of the act is to regulate the development of the film industry and market order, through decentralization, to increase support for efforts to improve the level of the film industry. The draft is divided into six chapters, respectively, the provisions of the general principles of film creation production, film distribution, film industry security, legal liability and supplementary provisions in various aspects, including clear film, film screenings, the issuance of enterprise qualification examination procedures and examination departments at all levels of film film permissions, and made provision for the advertisement the box office and accounting etc.. The draft also made it clear that the State encourages social forces to invest, donations and other means to develop the film industry, and give preferential treatment in accordance with the law. Authorized in some areas to carry out criminal penalty leniency system pilot pleaded guilty to the Supreme People’s court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate will submit the authorization to carry out criminal cases in parts of the draft decision that the pilot work of penalty guilty leniency system at the meeting. It is reported that the reform program has been approved by the central comprehensive deepening reform in July 22nd, the twenty-sixth meeting of the leading group. The pilot program is scheduled to be held at the central political work conference held in early 2016. Meeting the requirements to draw on the plea bargaining system on the basis of reasonable elements, to study and propose guilty penalty leniency system pilot program, authorized by the National People’s Congress, select local conditions to carry out the pilot. It is reported that the pilot program will include the two elements of the entity put "and" simple procedure, applicable to the current procedure, simple procedure of criminal procedure, criminal procedure are closely related to the pilot in some areas the relationship began in 2014. Pilot period of 2 years, will be in Beijing and other parts of the region相关的主题文章: