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Enact change service — see the effectiveness of Shaanxi channel — original title: enact change service — see the effectiveness of the State Council third large inspection departments which implement the follow-up in the region, problems of the CPC Central Committee and State Council major decisions and arrangements and policy measures, how to reform? What policy measures should be accelerated to the ground? Where do we have good experience in work that is worth promoting? What are your opinions and suggestions about the State Council and its department? The third big inspection carried out by the State Council is guided by finding problems. We must supervise the administration, supervise the deep and supervise the reality, and push the local authorities and departments to set up reforms. In the past few days, reporters followed the State Council inspector group to inspect the frontline in all parts of the country, and hit the grand inspection of the unprecedented scale. Eleventh inspection teams in Shanxi Linfen inspection disaster management, the transformation of shanty, Huang irrigation, telecommunications building, transportation and other construction projects when the situation has taken a series of inspection action — September 20th at 9:30 in the morning, the inspection team arrived in Shanxi Linfen, part of the inspection team staff did not participate in the unified arrangement of the activity, but the emergency call to the local audit development and reform, land and other departments held a forum on the shed, disaster management, water conservancy, transportation and other 8 projects each inquiry related departments. At two o’clock in the afternoon, the inspection team did not notify in advance, and rushed to Daning County of Linfen to see the three projects of disaster control, shed change and Yellow River irrigation. On September 21st at 8:30 in the morning, the inspection team personnel to assault Linfen Development Zone Telecom building site, found that the local government claimed to have started the project construction site and no large machines, requiring local inspection teams will speed up the construction of the project, through a variety of ways to pay attention to and supervise the project schedule…… This is a microcosm of the work of the inspector group in various places. Governor true reality check, must be really tough action. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the inspection, the inspection teams were guided by finding problems. Some of them sent group visits to verify the clues, some of them visited the scene, and others set in-depth research based on the particularity of the local development. Once a problem is found, do not hide the ugly, do not shield their mistakes, ultimately, for rectification. With the promotion of the big supervision, concrete problems have been implemented in rectification and rectification. The pain points and obstacles in the promotion of major policies and measures have been concerned. A series of problems affecting the decision making deployment and landing are being solved. "Is there any specific time limit for deferred tax application?" "Can there be a few restrictions on the conversion of the stock right?" "Can the new three board enterprises use this policy?" This is the fifth State Council inspection team management of Enterprise Forum scene, entrepreneurs discussion is just out of the notice "on improving the equity incentive and technology shares on the income tax policy". Fifth the supervision group will improve the related policy of equity incentive as a key supervision item. Through on-the-spot supervision and promotion, the Ministry of Finance and the administration of Taxation officially announced this "New Deal" to the society in September 22nd. The policy has just released a inspection team went to the Zhongguancun Park Management ground to listen to the views of enterprises, to further improve the relevant policies and measures to support the management of the country. During the inspection, a series of beneficial to the stable development of economy and society, major policies and measures of supply side structural reforms, and kinetic energy have been introduced to speed up the implementation of or – September 23rd, the six departments jointly issued "on the prevention and combating of telecommunications network fraud notice", put forward by the end of October 2016 all the phone real name rate reached 96%, reached before the end of the year 100%. In September 23rd, the State Energy Administration announced a notice to cancel the 15 coal power projects in Jilin, Shanxi, Shandong, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other provinces (autonomous regions), and 12 million 400 thousand kilowatts do not have the conditions for approval. By the inspection department and local government said to inspection as an opportunity to further address gaps, enact legislation to change, to ensure that the central policy deployment implement. It is understood that, in order to promote the momentum of competition and initiative, the grand inspector stressed that both incentives and accountability should be emphasized, and sound fault-tolerant and error correction mechanisms should be improved, so as to effectively mobilize and protect cadres’ initiative, initiative and creativity. (Xinhua September – Xinhua News Agency reporter (29): Gu Yan, commissioning editor Wang Li) 立行立改 务见实效–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:立行立改 务见实效――国务院第三次大督查随访 哪些地区、部门在贯彻落实党中央、国务院重大决策部署和政策措施中存在问题,要如何整改?哪些政策措施要加快落地实施?哪些地方在工作中有好的经验做法值得推广?大家对国务院及其部门有哪些意见和建议?……正在全国开展的国务院第三次大督查以发现问题为导向,务求督准、督深、督实,推动地方和部门立行立改,取得实效。 连日来,记者跟随国务院督查组深入各地督查一线,直击这次规模空前的大督查全程。 第十一督查组在山西临汾督查地灾治理、棚户改造、提黄灌溉、电信大楼、交通等项目建设情况时采取了一系列督查行动―― 9月20日上午9点半,督查组刚到达山西临汾,部分督查组人员并未参加统一安排的督查活动,而是紧急召集当地审计、发改、国土等部门召开座谈会,就棚改、地灾治理、水利、交通等8个项目情况逐一问询相关部门。下午两点,督查组没有提前通知,赶赴临汾大宁县,察看地灾治理、棚改、提黄灌溉三个项目现场,与县政府及部门人员交谈了解真实情况。9月21日上午8点半,督查组人员突击前往临汾开发区电信大楼工地,发现当地政府声称已开工的项目建设现场并没有大型机器,要求地方加快项目建设,督查组将通过各种方式随时关注并督导工程进度…… 这是督查组在各地开展工作的一个缩影。真督实查,必须动真碰硬。为确保督查取得实效,各个督查组以发现问题为导向,有的派小组暗访核实问题线索,有的突击现场走访调查,有的根据当地发展特殊性设定专题深入调研……一旦发现问题,不遮丑、不护短,追根究底,立行整改。随着大督查的推进,一个个具体问题得到整改落实,重大政策措施推进中的痛点和阻点得到关注,一系列影响决策部署生效落地的问题正在解决。 “递延纳税申请有没有具体时限?”“股权变现能否设置几个解禁条件?”“新三板企业能否使用这项政策?” 这是国务院第五督查组双创企业座谈会上的一幕,企业家们讨论的是刚刚出台的《关于完善股权激励和技术入股有关所得税政策的通知》。 第五督查组将完善股权激励相关政策作为重点督办事项。经实地督查推进,财政部、税务总局9月22日正式向社会公布了这一“新政”。政策刚一公布,督查组就前往中关村园区实地听取双创企业意见建议,以进一步完善国家支持双创的有关政策措施。 督查期间,一系列有利于经济社会平稳发展、供给侧结构性改革、新旧动能转换的重大政策措施相继出台或加快实施―― 9月23日,六部门联合发布《关于防范和打击电信网络诈骗犯罪的通告》,提出2016年10月底前全部电话实名率达到96%,年底前达到100%。 9月23日,国家能源局公布通知,取消吉林、山西、山东、陕西、四川、江西、广东、广西、云南等省(自治区)15项、1240万千瓦不具备核准建设条件的煤电项目…… 被督查部门和地方政府表示,将以督查为契机,进一步查漏补缺、立行立改,确保中央各项政策部署落到实处。据了解,为推动形成竞相作为、主动作为的工作势头,这次大督查强调激励与问责并重,将健全合理的容错纠错机制,切实调动好、保护好广大干部干事创业的积极性、主动性、创造性。 (据新华社9月29日电 新华社记者) (责编:谷妍、王丽)相关的主题文章: