St Lu Feng was ordered to start an independent investigation of administrative punishment

*ST Lu Feng was quasi independent investigation of administrative punishment Club start hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money after each reporter Ceng Jian Hong Kong listing of the shares of the company China Hongqiao (01378) the afternoon of September 27th announcement of a paper, the exposure of the *ST Lu Feng (002379, closing price of 5.80 yuan) there are matters of environmental law in Boxing County Environmental Protection Bureau in mid September punishment. At the same time, China also announced that the bridge will start an independent investigation program to assess the above matters, and said it would be based on the results of the assessment to decide whether to continue to enter the *ST Lu feng. "Advance" exposure of illegal fined matters according to the China Hongqiao announcement, the board of directors of the company recently was informed that the Shandong provincial Environmental Protection Bureau of Boxing county (hereinafter referred to as "Boxing County Environmental Protection Bureau") on 18 September 2016 *ST Lufeng issued a prior notice of administrative punishment. Boxing County Environmental Protection Bureau found that *ST Lu Feng medium frequency furnace construction project has not been approved by the environmental protection department in charge of environmental impact assessment documents, unauthorized construction and put into operation. Accordingly, the Boxing County Environmental Protection Bureau shall be ordered to *ST Lu Feng intermediate frequency furnace construction project to stop production and to impose a fine of 150 thousand yuan. Public information shows that the intermediate frequency furnace is a metal heating equipment, casting forging and heat treatment workshop is the main equipment. In *ST Lu Feng 2015 annual report and the semi annual report in 2016 and other periodic reports, each of the investment treasure has not been consulted with the relevant information of the intermediate frequency furnace, which is unknown which frequency furnace construction project which works. Aside if furnace construction project was ordered to shut down not to talk about the impact on business, the penalty of the matters on the transfer of *ST Lufeng controlling influence. Previously, a wholly owned subsidiary of Acer bridge, Shandong bridge in the middle of May and the actual control of *ST Lu Lu Yu Rongqiang signed a share transfer agreement. Shandong bridge intends to acquire from the hands of Listed Companies in the hands of about 261 million 100 thousand shares, representing the company’s total share capital of 28.18%. After the completion of the transaction, Shandong Hongqiao will become the controlling shareholder of *ST Lu Feng, Zhang Shiping, owner of China’s macro bridge will take the lead. Statistics show that China is engaged in the main bridge of liquid aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy ingots, aluminum alloy casting and rolling products and aluminum bus production and sales. As of the end of 2014, the company has a total annual production capacity of 4 million 26 thousand tons of aluminum products. And engaged in the manufacture of high-precision aluminum plate with the presence of business *ST Lu Feng complementary business. China Hongqiao boss Zhang Shiping Hu Runfuhao has been assessment as Shandong’s richest man, whose family owns a Hong Kong listed company Weiqiao textile, the strength is strong. Based on this, the market for Zhang Shiping’s entry can be described as full of expectations. *ST Lu Feng on August after the resumption of trading, the company’s share price rose continuously, as of September 27th, the company’s share price rose more than 50%. Survey opinion decided to transfer results in accordance with the progress of the latest disclosure of equity transfer *ST Lu Feng, Shandong Hongqiao has 900 million yuan deposit paid to the two sides shared account theory相关的主题文章: