SONY in the London show more giant VR ps model field experience — game d

SONY in the London show more giant VR PS  model   can experience the game demo – original title: SONY in London show more PS VR giant model can experience demo wearing a VR head mounted display stand in a larger VR head mounted display in what will be feel? Do not know how many layers of virtual world? This problem before we may have never thought, but when you stand in London King’s Cross Station face so amazing PlayStation VR head mounted display, this idea is not a sudden influx of mind. SONY has been looking forward to the head mounted display PlayStation VR will be officially on sale in the local time on October 13th, the Sony Corp in advance to do a lot of marketing, including the huge head mounted display model, let visitors can be via a rapid test playing experience. In this huge PlayStation VR head mounted display model, equipped with a lot of small experience devices, allowing visitors to experience some of the content of PlayStation VR. The local time this Sunday, this model will be set at King’s cross station. Don’t worry if this week to King’s Cross station site experience of this equipment, in the local time before October 16th, the rest of the city also has a similar experience, later this month, Bristol and Chester will also build Manchester similar facilities experience. In the next few days on television and the Internet will also see a lot of advertising SONY put. There will also be a huge lineup works escort PlayStation VR offering, including "RIGS: mechanized war alliance" (RIGS: Mechanized Combat League) and "Eve" Valkyrie (EVE: Valkyrie). (Yang Yu, Shen Guangqian Polo: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: