Sommersby certina DS-1 series Himalaya Jin can watch 80 tasting – Sohu mide-031

Sommersby certina DS-1 series Himalaya Jin can watch 80 tasting – Sohu home watch [watch] tasting Himalaya Range, the highest peak in the world, the peak of 8844.43 meters, it is used or that is now, there are numerous explorers trying to conquer the mountain. Steep mountain road very cold, to conquer the mountain is not only in the test of human, is also a modern tool in the test of explorers to wear, modern tools and explorers and the common summit of the world to enjoy the "worship". We return to the old bank, say the first ascent of the watch, 1960 the first successful ascent of the Himalaya mountains Dhaulagiri, the explorers wear watches are DS Himalaya series certina. Today, we watch the passing of night, will lead everyone into the series of the new version — DS-1 Himalaya Series 80 certina Jin can watch, it is the C029.807.16.031.01 model. Simple fashion style is the view certina DS-1 Himalaya series Jin can watch 80, a clear and simple design style, modern technology cordial, revealing a mature man exclusive charm. Stainless steel case, polishing processing, conspicuous and eye-catching, standard tough atmosphere. Dark brown watchband, meaning mature, high polished silver white dial decorated with the sun pattern, and which full of masculinity is not "high polished" over? The pointer and the time scale by PVD rose gold plated coating on the silver white dial decorated with bright rose gold, mature, but still elegant and charming, this man really charming. The side view classic third pin design using the watch, when the scale is not the Arabia digital scale classic, not by Rome digital scale retro, instead of using the three-dimensional rectangular concise, the modern sense of a subsidiary tide range of children, the main body of the silver dial, rose gold modified although not much but, everywhere is the key, bright rose gold quite stylish range of children. Saying so much, take convenient when everyone can understand it, color contrast third needle design, triangle cone scales, dial conspicuous, take these basic skills but did not let down, at the same time, the watch back at the 3 o’clock position with a date window, this life when more convenient. Dial additional maps give you up a bit, English scales just below the 12 o’clock position is CERTINA1888, this is the product brand and brand, in the top brand was decorated with certina "double C" signs; English scale is above the DS-1 6 o’clock powermatic 80, this is the product of series of DS-1 Jin 80 about 6 o’clock; English on both sides of the scale is SWISS MADE, China manufacturing (MADE IN CHINA) as we all know, these two letters mean Swiss made. Depth of the material of the work of the crown of the table fine相关的主题文章: