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Health Breast cancer occurs .monly in women of all ages and can be scary thought. In most cases the one breast is removed to prevent the spread of the cancer into other areas of the body. There are many ways of finding out if you are at risk of getting breast cancer especially if it runs in your family. There are two genes that are associated with keeping the breast tissue and cells functioning normally, and if you are worried you can ask for a test to be done to determine whether or not there are abnormalities which can increase your risk of developing breast cancer at some stage in your life. Men can develop breast cancer but is very rare. As with most cancers, breast cancer does occur in stages and this will determine the type of treatment that is prescribed. The early stages of the cancer are 0, 1 and 2 where the cancer is still small and can be treated easily with very little chance of spreading to other areas. The later stages of breast cancer are stages 2, 3A and 3B if many lymph nodes are involved and the final and advanced stage is stage 5. Breast cancer has be.e a worldwide unifying force and now there are support centers, forums, where you can speak to other woman about your fears and thoughts. There is breast cancer awareness month where everyone can wear a pink ribbon to show their support. It is advised that all woman get regular mammograms to minimize their risk and catch any signs early on. You can even give yourself a mammogram to check for any lumps that are not normal. Breast cancer can be treated using Chemotherapy, Radiology, Surgery and Hormone treatment or there are newer treatments which are a Sentinel lymph node biopsy and then surgery or High dose chemotherapy with a transplant of stem cells, and lastly monoclonal antibodies which are used with another traditional form of treatment. During the later stages of breast cancer the affected breast can be inflamed and very red and swollen, which is because the cancer cells are blocking the vessels. To lower your risk, make sure that you get checked regularly and find out if cancer of the breast or even ovarian cancer runs in your family. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: