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Six plenary session, foreign envoys about what? Sohu news October 27th, the Communist Party of Chinese the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee closing plenary session, a comprehensive focus strictly the major theme, it is not only the attention in the Chinese, also attracted the eyes of the world. This is not, after a week of November 4th, the International Liaison Department is invited to a large group of foreign guests, those things in the briefing and they talk in the plenary session of the six. How many people have come? Several key figures: 220 senior diplomats, more than 70 of them are ambassadors or temporary agents, they come from the more than and 130 countries. Early in the morning, usually make people feel some high cold and mysterious of the courtyard, the embassy vehicle parked black plate, just walked into the bustling briefing hall, you will see the book area was mobbed these books, some of Chinese conditions are introduced, some results of interpretation of the China Communist Party meeting there are some international issues, academic journals, foreign friends for free, so they can from the multi angle, all-round understanding of the ruling idea of the Communist Party of China. Of course, they also have one thing in common, that is multilingual: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, arabic…… One can not be less. Almost every big pile, don’t take was to "grab" of the light Enguiya curator Boz arrived early at the embassy wana venue, held the seat up to ten. She said, he had to China took office a month, also adapt to Chinese aspects, can be invited to understand, Chinese the ruling party’s wisdom, she felt very excited. A nearly two hour meeting, sure not let Enguiya, including envoys disappointed. Ngoya (left) from the weight of the person blowing, it can be seen. The International Liaison Department invited the director of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Laboratory Miao Qingwang, director of the Central Policy Research Bureau Tian Peiyan came to the party. Miao Qingwang (left), Tian Peiyan (right) is well known, "on the new situation of political life within the party a number of guidelines" and "the Communist Party of China Supervision Regulations", is an important achievement of the plenary session. "They are all members of the six plenary session of the drafting group, is the authority of experts engaged in the research and policy of honest government, believe to be able to help you better ambassadors and more authoritative and more accurate understanding of the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee." Vice Minister Guo Yezhou said. Under the new situation, why the Communist Party of China, how to strengthen and regulate the political life of the party? Behind the introduction of two important documents have a careful consideration, what are the differences and differences between the two? Sometimes they listened attentively, and thoughtful, and writing…… Listen carefully to interpretation of authority, in the question and answer session, the envoys who have questions. First of all, the question is the Chilean ambassador to China, George, he hopes to continue to introduce an example of the Chinese Communist Party in the political life of the outstanding problems and solutions. Ethiopia ambassador Seyoum on the party’s supervision of the content of particular interest, he wanted to know Chinese inner party supervision and outside supervision to Aaron相关的主题文章: