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Home-Securtiy We all want to feel safe in our own home. Fortunately there are a few very simple and cost effective do-it yourself tips that can help you accomplish that. Secure all Points of Entry 1. Opt for Solid Doors It is far more important to utilize solid wood doors for all exterior doors. This makes it harder for burglars to break through as opposed to hollow-core doors. Save hallow-core doors for the interior of your home. 2. Use Dead Bolts Dead bolts should also be used on all exterior doors in your home. Even the door from the garage is considered an exterior door so be sure to utilize a dead bolt or door reinforcer. 3. Sliding Doors In order to protect a sliding door, just place a broomstick in the track to keep the door from sliding. But to offer extra protection, be sure to install a pin lock that will help keep the sliding door from being lifted off its track. 4. Windows You can utilize keyed sash locks to help keep a thief at bay. But it is important that all family member know where the keys are kept should there be an emergency. Another really great way to protect your home is to stand out front of your own home and to analyze it the way a burglar might. There are certain things that will make a home more or less appealing to a burglar and most are simple to fix. – Lighting Be sure to take time to look at your home at night. Look for areas where there are deep shadows near windows or doors. By installing outdoor lighting or motion detecting spotlights, a burglar will be more likely to avoid your home. – Landscaping You definitely want to be wary of over grown or tall bushes that offer a burglar ideal hiding places. Trimming or replacing bushes or hanging tree limbs are another great burglar deterrent. Of course there is always the good ole home security systems from ADT. By installing one of the home alarm systems in your home you and your family will have access to a really great tool. This tool will ensure the protection of your home and loved ones whether you are home or away. Your home will be monitored 24 hours a day and 7 days week with one of their home security systems or home alarm systems. This is a company that has been trusted for over 130 years and is recommended by law enforcement everywhere. Get in touch with an authorized ADT dealer in your area by visit National Home Security Systems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: