Simple and generous sweater, special temperament! – Sohu aizi

Simple and generous sweater, special temperament! Sohu – Pandora’s box by Pro open men’s T-shirt Korean fashion sweater shirt to give you an unexpected surprise fashionista cartoon embroidered coat bow sisters bestie baseball sweaters, thick, wind, ice silk material, no pilling, summer wear is also very cool Oh. Spring colors are rich and colorful, the the shirt in the chosen also selected the cream color, the color feeling is very uncomfortable! The bar fine thread light version, the main highlight in its button, the clothing itself is what color, button is in accordance with the color of clothes to customize. The overall aesthetic is very feminine. White navy blue dress collocation made behind the effect is very good and very soft skin Ma Haimao elastic fabric, is also very good oh ~ ~ very good color effect wearing a very nice cardigan coat, each color is very good, but the version is very good, very literary retro, recommended Korean street fight color V BF loose collar cardigan sweater coat winter new dress set loose sleeved turtleneck sweater dress first half super age now wear autumn necessary right now, the winter coat outside the set is also very nice oh相关的主题文章: