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Shenzhen in the construction of prefabricated construction reached 56 – Shenzhen channel — original title: Shenzhen in the construction of prefabricated construction reached 56 yesterday, the guests visited the Shenzhen construction technology with prefabricated construction of low-income housing projects in the fifteenth "China Housing Fair". After the balcony, the outer wall after the industrial prefabrication, on-site assembly can be made into a building…… Today in Beijing, the opening of the fifteenth China Expo, the exhibition hall of Shenzhen assembly construction technology to attract the public eye". Chen Yiming, chief engineer of the State Ministry of housing, visited the exhibition hall in Shenzhen, and gave full recognition to the development of Shenzhen’s development of prefabricated buildings. Shenzhen Pavilion is the twelfth consecutive Exhibition "China international housing industry and the industrialization of construction products and equipment exhibition, this exhibition is the theme of" assembly building, green livable, showcase in Shenzhen to accelerate affordable housing, prefabricated construction, green construction and other aspects of the results. The city built in prefabricated construction projects amounted to 56 as the first national housing industry comprehensive pilot city, in recent years, Shenzhen adhere to the "Shenzhen quality" and the concept of sustainable development, the development of prefabricated construction, promote the industrialization of residential building as the important work of the Shenzhen standard, create Shenzhen quality, Shenzhen to forge the brand "to promote a strong, continuous innovation in policy support, standard construction, demonstration and other aspects, and achieved positive results. 2016, the introduction of the development of Shenzhen to accelerate the development of prefabricated building support policies, clearly on the use of prefabricated construction of residential projects to be given in advance and 3% of the construction area of pre-sale incentives. What is the current situation of the city building, the city has completed prefabricated concrete structure building a total of 13 projects, total construction area of 1 million 40 thousand square meters has been completed; assembled steel structure construction area of over 10 million square meters. In the construction of the assembled concrete structure of a total of 39 projects, with a total construction area of more than 4 million square meters; in the construction of the steel structure of a total of 17 projects, with a total construction area of 2 million 660 thousand square meters. Prefabricated construction technology can effectively eliminate the quality problem of the reporter saw, Shenzhen Pavilion crowded, Pingshan a low-income housing project due to the construction of the industrialization, attracted the attention of the guests. Construction units through the project to build a model of the industry, to show the guests how to prefabricated walls, laminated plywood like building blocks will build the house. The affordable housing project for the country’s first EPC general contracting mode of residential industrialization pilot project, the rate of up to 50%, the assembly rate of up to 70%. Also on display in the construction of the science and technology Yu Jing happy homes, sea deer Dan Ming Yuan, Yuncheng Vanke, Pengcheng construction projects are built using prefabricated construction technology, become a major highlight of the show. Shenzhen Vanke Yuncheng prefabricated building landmark projects. This project adopts the new assembly technology system, exterior wall precast, inner wall adopts lightweight concrete precast wall panels, PC wall combined with aluminum mold construction, new attachment type integral lifting frame, greatly accelerate the construction schedule, shorten the construction period. Assembly construction technology, effectively eliminate the traditional相关的主题文章: