Shanghai Banking YanZha divorce less than half net loan applicants in the new tinyos

Shanghai Banking YanZha divorce less than half the loan applicants – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Shanghai on October 14th news (reporter Zhou Hong) according to voice of Chinese "CNR news" reported that the recent property market regulation has become the focus of the market, but now the regulation appeared "offbeat upgrade". There are reports that Shanghai individual banks have internal communication, start the mortgage applicants on the "divorce less than half a year" thorough investigation, before the divorce if the loan does not meet the eligibility criteria, even if the divorce, the direct stop. In a second tier cities to buy a house to promote the boom, the use of fake divorce to circumvent the restriction of credit limit phenomenon has been common, staged a variety of human farce. However, for the fake divorce to avoid lending restrictions, Shanghai has begun to respond to the banking institutions. There are reports that the Minsheng Bank Shanghai branch has internal communication, began yesterday on the "divorce mortgage applicants are less than half a year" thorough investigation, before the divorce if the loan does not meet the eligibility criteria, even if the divorce, may also directly stop lending. Mentioned in the report, query by Minsheng Bank semi annual report found the balance of personal loans, Minsheng Bank is growing rapidly, in the past year and a half nearly doubled to three times, the first half of just 6 months, the bank personal loans growth rate reached 70.42%. In fact, from the semi annual report of listed banks, the recent large-scale bigger scale is the overall trend of loan. According to the bank sources, then there will be a series of rules to control the mortgage business scale, the investigation of the "divorce less than half" of the new loan policy is just one of them. It is worth noting that, although the rules formulated by all or different, but insiders reporter learned from a number of banks was informed that the "overweight" credit limit, control of the mortgage balance is represent the general trend, Minsheng Bank is not a special case. Property market regulation is focused on promoting. Recently, the Shanghai banking regulatory bureau held a meeting that the real estate credit risk to their banks, banks will also start the measure to implement the spirit of supervision. In October 8th, the Shanghai municipal housing and urban construction management committee, city planning and Land Resources Bureau jointly issued the "on Further Strengthening the supervision of the real estate market in the city to promote stable and healthy development of the real estate market views" clearly, thorough investigation of land financing, and a requirement for housing stock trading funds regulation, the full implementation of the second-hand housing stock trading funds supervision.相关的主题文章: