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Shanghai 2040 spatial pattern of the first mention of the main location of the city of Hongqiao CAZ Chuansha [Abstract] the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the 33 session of the 14 meeting this morning to consider the "Shanghai urban master plan (2016-2040) (Draft)". The 14 session of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress (NPC), the 33 meeting of the Standing Committee of the people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai City Master Plan") (2016-2040) (draft). According to the program, Shanghai 2040 overall planning in the city after the NPC Standing Committee will be formally submitted to the State Council for examination and approval. At the meeting, he listened to the reports and comments on the manuscript (hereinafter referred to as the master plan). What will Shanghai be like in 2040? Along with the Oriental Network reporter to see. Spatial pattern is the key to support the development of cities and the development of quality, and is the platform of the strategy and policy of the allocation of space resources. "Master plan" proposed to form a network, multi center, group type, intensive type of spatial pattern. Promote the coordinated development of the Shanghai and Shanghai regions to promote the development of regional integration. The key is to implement the national "The Belt and Road", the Yangtze River economic belt, the Yangtze River Delta city group collaborative development strategy, strengthen regional transportation facilities, ecological environment, municipal infrastructure, cultural interoperability and sharing, promote the coordinated development of Shanghai and near Shanghai area. Hongqiao, Chuansha, Baoshan, Minhang city location area two is the formation of the "city – New Town – New Town – village" of the urban and rural system. Among them, the main city, including the center of the city and the surrounding city center Hongqiao, Chuansha, Baoshan, Minhang 4 main city area. Overall planning, to strengthen the ecological security, to prevent the spread of the city, to promote the development of group oriented, the main city of space optimization. Metro, including population size of more than 500 thousand people in Jiading, Songjiang, Qingpu, Fengxian, Nanhui and other 5 new towns. Overall planning, the metro should be in accordance with the standards of large cities, to strengthen public service facilities, to undertake part of the core functions of the global city, nurturing into a comprehensive radiation driven role of the node city. The new town, including core Town, town center, general town and other three types. The "master plan" that encourages new town, relying on regional traffic, features and other advantages of the industry, the development of special towns. Rural areas, will focus on the protection of historical and cultural characteristics of the village, a modest reserve of resources and environment and better comprehensive evaluation of the status of the village. The first mention of CAZ – than CBD more emphasis on the experience of the three is to create a city by the main center (central activity area), the city sub center, regional center and community center composed of public activity center system. Among them, the main city center, is a small Lujiazui (600663, shares), the Bund, people’s Square, the Xuhui – Binjiang area, Zhongshan Park foreshore, Hongqiao Development Zone, north the Bund, Yangpu Binjiang and other regions of the mountain area, is the weight bearing area to the core function of global city. Compared with the central business district (CBD), the central activity area (CAZ) integration of the central business district, the central business district, leisure and entertainment functions, features more comprehensive, more prominent people’s experience and activities. Deputy center of the city, is a public service center in a certain area, taking into account the function of the global city. )相关的主题文章: