Shaanxi 155 higher education outside the teaching site will be disqualified

Shaanxi 155 School of continuing higher education teaching site unqualified will be cancelled – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Xi’an September 17th news (reporter Xu Zuhua, Feng Guo) Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education recently released on the 638 higher education school teaching results of site inspection in Shaanxi, identified 437 sites, 155 off campus teaching qualified unqualified, 46 rectification. The examination of the conclusions for the unqualified teaching site to be revoked. It is understood that the deadline for rectification of the main problems in the following areas: the main responsibility is not implemented. Part of the host universities after the station set up supervision services are not in place, the teaching site school, teachers, administrators, experimental training facilities and other teaching conditions can not fully meet the needs of teaching; rules and regulations are not perfect. Part of the site is lack of complete teaching management and quality control system. Part of the rules and regulations into a mere formality, not implemented; teaching management is not strict. Part of the site in the use of teaching materials, curriculum examination organization, face-to-face, answer the students homework should not strictly comply with the provisions. The examination of the conclusions for the unqualified teaching site to be revoked. The host colleges and universities should do a good job of relevant work, in order to provide the conditions for students to complete their studies in order to ensure stable and orderly. Check conclusions for the rectification of the site shall be immediately rectification. Rectification is still unqualified, will be revoked. Shaanxi Provincial Department of education requires all colleges and universities should effectively assume regulatory responsibility, serious management, strict requirements, the existence of frequent accidents, the teaching quality can not be guaranteed, illegal enrollment problems such as teaching site management, and resolutely remediation clean-up.相关的主题文章: