Seven days of the National Day holiday in Nantong Haimen commercial housing 170 sets of people’s

The seven day National Day holiday in Nantong Haimen 170 sets of real estate transactions — Jiangsu windows — original title: the seven day holiday in the city of 170 sets of real estate transactions or by the surrounding city continues to have a fever effect, perhaps due to the impact of many real estate prices such as the city, some people into a panic buying, contributed to the national urban and rural comprehensive property fire. Yesterday, according to the city real estate registration center statistics, 7 days of long holiday sold 170 sets of commercial housing. During the national day, 19 cities in China issued a policy of restriction and restriction on loans, which led to psychological panic among the citizens. They were worried about rising prices and worried that the boots would be left at any time. In a hurry to rush to home buyers purchase. Jiangcheng Yi two flats have entered the late stage, the rest of the commercial housing some of the past is not considered to be too ideal level and Fangxing, favored by the public, 7 days sold 9 sets. Although the total price of hardcover has been raised a lot, it still can’t stop the people from buying enthusiasm. 18 sets have been sold in Longxin square and Longxin home. From the sale of 4 sets yuan. South Garden sold 35 sets of jinshang. Originally ordinary township real estate sales, sales enthusiasm was ignited in the National Day period. Jiangsu’s Composite Properties Limited development of Jiu Lai star sold 33 sets. According to statistics, the National Day developers, urban and rural families have income, sales of 170 sets of commercial housing distribution in 25 urban and rural developers. High prices are taken in urban land, and some of the real estate will raise the price of sales. It is understood that the city has been in urban areas for more than 3 years have not sold residential land. On the eve of national day September 28th, a land in Jianghai Road West and South China Road North was sold by Haimen Zhongnan Century City Development Co., Ltd. at 6690 yuan per square meter, the total price was 757 million 274 thousand and 600 yuan, which set a new high price of land transfer in recent years. According to the industry estimates, after the housing is well covered, the billet price should not be less than 10 thousand yuan per square meter. The price of land leasing is now high, and the current urban newly listed commercial housing is not much, which gives some developers a strong signal to raise prices. It is reported that during the national day, some developers have raised their own sales average, up to about 10%. At the same time, some secondary houses in the urban area and some new houses in the new urban area are also increasing the price quotations. "Every time I ask the price to go up once, what’s the price of the house price?" One of the people in the house of an intermediary sighed with emotion. It is understood that the new housing prices have risen in some of the new urban areas, and the price of the transaction is more than the price of the existing house. According to statistics from the Municipal Housing Bureau, in September the city’s residential (including villas and residential decoration) sales price for 8785 yuan / square meters, an increase of 2.33%, growth of 3.94%; urban residential (including villas and residential decoration) sales were 9489 yuan per square meter, an increase of 7.21%, growth of 10.63%. In September, the average sales of ordinary commercial housing (excluding refined decoration housing and villas) was 7317 yuan square meters, compared with the average sales price of urban housing in 2015, an increase of 3.7%. According to statistics, from 1 to September, the newly approved commercial housing in the city was 3671, with an area of 411 thousand and 900 square meters, and the new listing area increased by 1.20% compared to the previous year. The sale of 1872 commercial housing units has been pre-sale, the area is 215 thousand and 800 square meters, and the pre-sale rate is 52%. More than half of the 3671 suites are the source of the township, and the urban area is very small. (Chen Yadong) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)

国庆七天长假南通海门成交商品房170套–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 原标题:七天长假全市成交商品房170套 或许受周边城市不断发烧影响,或许因本市的不少楼盘上调价格等影响,一些市民陷入恐慌性购买,促成国庆城乡楼市全面红火。昨日,据来自市不动产登记中心统计,7天长假成交商品房170套。 国庆期间,国内19城市连发限购限贷调控政策,导致市民心理恐慌,既担心楼价持续上涨,又担心调控靴子随时落下。急于置业的市民匆匆解囊购房。江城逸品二期楼盘已进入尾盘阶段,余下的一些商品房以往被认为不是太理想的层次和房型,受到市民青睐,7天销售了9套。尽管因精装而总价抬高了不少,但依然挡不住市民购买热情。龙信广场和龙馨家园共销售了18套。云起苑销售了4套。中南锦尚名苑销售了35套。本来销售稀松平常的乡镇楼盘,销售热情在国庆期间也被点燃。江苏叠商置业有限公司开发的玖星丽苑销售了33套。据统计,这个国庆节,城乡开发商家家有进账,所销售的170套商品房分布于25家城乡开发商。 城区土地拍出高价,部分楼盘调高销售价格。据了解,我市城区已经有3年多没有出让过住宅用地了。而就在国庆前夕的9月28日,位于江海路西、南海路北一块土地,被海门中南世纪城开发有限公司以每平方米6690元拍得,出价总额为75727.46万元,创下了近几年大面积土地出让价格的新高。据业内人士估计,该地段商品房盖好后,毛坯价每平方米应不少于1万元。土地出让价格现新高,加上目前城区新上市商品房不多,这给了一些开发商一个强烈的上调价格信号。据悉,在国庆期间,部分开发商自行调高了销售均价,上调幅度约在10%左右。 与此同时,城区部分二手房以及新城区的一些次新房也在不断上调交易报价。“我每问一次价格都涨一次,这房价怎么啦?”一位在某中介看房的市民感慨道。据了解,新城区一些地段好的楼盘次新房价格已经上涨了,交易报价都超过了现有期房的售价。据来自市住建局统计,9月份全市住宅(含别墅和精装修住宅)销售均价为8785元 平方米,同比增长2.33%,环比增长3.94%;市区住宅(含别墅和精装修住宅)销售均9489元 平方米,同比增长7.21%,环比增长10.63%。9月份全市普通商品住房平均销售(去除精装修住房及别墅)价格为7317元 平方米,与2015年全年市区住房平均销售价格相比,增长3.7%。 据统计,1至9月份,全市新批准上市商品房3671套,面积41.19万平方米,新上市面积同比增长1.20%,已预售商品房1872套,面积21.58万平方米,预售率52%。3671套房源中有多半是乡镇的房源,而城区的房源很少。(陈亚东) (责编:唐璐、张鑫)相关的主题文章: