Sea of clouds and Peng Guanying costume exposure domineering Su burst (video)-denka

"Sea of clouds" and Peng Guanying costume exposure domineering "nine Su burst & #183; sea and clouds" featurette: super good manners! The ministers worship scene grand entertainment Tencent directed by Cao Dun, according to the novel adaptation of the Oriental magic drama "nine · sea and clouds" series of recent exposure of the trailer, the well-known mainland actor Peng Guanying who plays the important villain — three Prince Mu Yunhe of ge. In the exposure of the etiquette of the special edition, Peng Guanying dressed in a royal robe and stunning debut, the first challenge costumes show domineering mighty, and after the official micro-blog exposure of the autumn garden map, showing a completely different King temperament, eyes kill Su burst! "Nine · marine animal husbandry clouds" about Kyushu end toward the end of the dynasty, legend between human royal family and eight Mu Yun Han Tribe for the world. But Peng Guanying’s animal husbandry TWINTEX Ge is the three Prince big emperor, the queen is the South Ming dry instrument (Jiang Qinqin ornaments) biological son, this is a noble people strong ability, but to his mother and lover, who compete for the crown, become the important villain. From the "naked marriage age" "difficult to raise children" to "love is beautiful" series, Peng Guanying with many classic works known by the public, even with a handsome sunny temperament, a step by step into the hearts of the audience and the yen value both acting idol men of god. The boy turned into costume, tempt the appetite more fans. The exposure of the special video, Prince Peng Guanying other eye-catching, high beam hair highlights the perfect costumes and dashing eyebrows star, brocade embroidery dragon had full of heroic spirit he is more upright and handsome, her sister MAX. Users have also seen after micro-blog message, "three handsome prince", "Su costumes burst!" "This is not out of the paintings in handsome paper baa" and "seeking what were broadcast". It is reported that in addition to star in "nine · sea and clouds", Peng Guanying also tried in the costume on the road, starring him featuring the popular IP drama "Lanling Princess" will on Thursday night at 20:00 (September 29th) on Mango TV and meet the audience.相关的主题文章: