Scholar Chinese in Australia can confidently participate in political donations – long road of Beiji popkart

Scholar: Chinese in Australia can confidently participate in political donations – long road Beijing for the so-called "and Chinese" political donations, some Australian mainstream media recently re hype, "said the worry may distort the Australian democracy". But in fact, "Australia may distort democracy" is the "unwarranted" and racist allegations. First of all, from the 2013 election by the end of 2015, the total Australian political donations, the source and path of complex, simply can not be used for official statistics according to ethnicity, according to ethnic statistics and never published. But it is certain that it should be based on European donations, donations from the Chinese society may not account for the highest proportion. Secondly, political donations in Australia is lawful, reasonable and fair political participation, through the Australian ethnic, especially the European mainstream American long-term practice. Some Australian media will now be linked with distorted democracy, which is a deliberate misreading of Chinese political donations, this deliberate misreading had rarely for other ethnic groups. Third, China and Chinese two word meaning Australian media mentioned fuzzy, extremely rigorous, not only will be confused Chinese citizens and temporary residence in Australia, Australia and Chinese citizens residing in obtaining permanent residency in Australia Chinese citizens, nor the difference between native Chinese enterprises, Chinese enterprises set up or shares accounted for Australia and the branches of Chinese funded enterprises. Australian media in the premise without evidence will be related to "China" and Chinese government donations altogether linked, even using the cold war tone almost fictional "conspiracy theory" picture. Fourth, Australia’s political donations, both direct contributions to individuals and businesses, but also through the establishment of indirect Fund contributions, the latter more secretive. At the same time, Australian law does not prohibit overseas donations, and even do not prohibit anonymous donations. Whether such regulations need to be revised to perfection, of course, can also be discussed, but frequently choose "China" donation as a case, not only suspected of discrimination, but also show some of the media and. Although Chinese is one of Australia’s first main builders, but long on the local political participation have the "cold", willing to act as a "dumb American", and has been a common "passion of political donations for the various politicians". In the cold and warm donations may seem contradictory, the bones are consistent: that is the political donations as helpless to the "money", with money, but expect in exchange for a sense of security. The biggest difference between this "money" thinking donations with mainstream political donations is to advance on things indifferent, does not care about, not to affect the specific policy. In this state of mind, Chinese politicians are often regarded as the campaign’s cash cow, after they were elected because the cow without the demands of the Chinese community without regard to the interests of. Now, with the economic strength, level of education is constantly increasing, sense of ownership and responsibility of Australian Overseas Chinese sense of growing awareness and enthusiasm to participate in the management of state affairs and politics increased dramatically, which is not only reflected in the recent growth of political donations, is also reflected in the general and local elections attention)相关的主题文章: