SASAC director Xiao Yaqing to Jiyang enterprises in research Jiang Chaoliang – accompanied

SASAC director Xiao Yaqing to Jiyang enterprises in research   Jiang Chaoliang – accompanied by local leaders — original title: the release of reform and innovation development efforts to enhance the competitiveness of state-owned enterprises today (11 days), (Jilin) Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Jiang Chaoliang, accompanied by the State Council SASAC director Xiao Yaqing in Jiyang enterprises Changchun Limited by Share Ltd and China railway vehicles Changchun Medicine Institute of biological products research limited. Xiao Yaqing and his party first came to the railway company bogie manufacturing center in Changchun. They look at the walk, listen to the production and sales of enterprises, etc., a detailed understanding of the product process and performance characteristics. Then, they came to the bus manufacturing center into the assembly workshop, are assembling cars, to experience the new car in the best of spirits, watch shop workers demonstration operation, and front-line workers in a cordial exchange. Shop workers live demonstration of the process of "mouth", by Xiao Yaqing and Jiang Chaoliang praised. Xiao Yaqing fully affirmed the Changchun rail passenger car company’s achievements in recent years, he pointed out that state-owned enterprises to practical thinking and action to the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s deployment requirements, the quality and efficiency of work on the implementation of the "four comprehensive" strategy, implement the development of the concept of the five, to complete the "13th Five-Year" planning height to look at, encouraging the spirit to overcome difficulties, in-depth implementation of innovation driven development strategy, the deepening of state owned enterprise reform and development, further improve product quality, service level, brand value, for the national economic and social development to make a positive contribution. Jiang Chaoliang pointed out that rail passenger car manufacturing industry is the dominant industry in our province, the basic strength of the industry is strong, the national leading technical level. CRC is China well-known track equipment enterprises, to seize the supply side structural reform of state-owned enterprises and state-owned assets significant opportunities to further enhance the capability of independent innovation, optimize product structure, strengthen quality control, the development of independent brands, strengthen supporting enterprise, extend the industrial chain, improve the matching rate of local Changke, promote Jilin province equipment manufacturing the development of industrial clusters. Changchun Institute of biological products, which is a large state-owned pharmaceutical biotechnology enterprise integrating science and technology, development, production and marketing, is an important base for the production of advanced biological products and high-tech products. Xiao Yaqing and Jiang Chaoliang came to the product packaging room, carefully inspect the vaccines and other biological products packaging process, a detailed understanding of packaging equipment performance, told employees must take safety and quality. Subsequently, they came to 2 degrees Celsius – a total of 8 degrees Celsius biological product repository, field investigation of biological products, such as the storage and transportation. Xiao Yaqing pointed out, to actively promote the reform of institutional mechanisms of state-owned enterprises, the scientific evaluation of the development prospects of the industry, flexible adjustment of enterprise innovation strategy, industry strategy, investment and management policy, strengthen the management team and technical team construction, updating the concept of development, increase research and development efforts, participate in market competition, and constantly improve the comprehensive strength of enterprises. Jiang Chaoliang pointed out that innovation is the source of survival and development of enterprises. To give full play to the advantages of state-owned enterprises, mechanisms, resources, and actively carry out technological innovation, product innovation, organizational innovation, business model innovation, reform and innovation to stimulate the vitality of enterprises. To make full use of market transport相关的主题文章: