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Beauty You might have seen the celebrities with thick and dark eyelashes let Jon Ric Salon and Spa creat that look for you as well. Applying mascara will enhance the look of your eyes, but you will look your best with thick eyelashes. You cannot use any chemical treatment for increasing the volume of eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are especially for you to help you to improvise the beauty of your eyes. As these are just extensions, they cling on to existing hairs without causing any damage to the eyes or your lashes. You can have them even when you sleep, bath or exercise. Eyelash extensions are available as single strands of eyelashes that can be glued to your own lashes. Nobody can ever guess that you are having artificial lashes even by taking a closer look at your eyes. The strands are usually synthetic and they are attached one strand at a time. This increases the volume of your own ashes and looks very natural. When you use eyelash extensions, you dont need to use mascara and eyelash curler. The synthetic extensions automatically curl your lashes as you glue them to your existing eyelashes. Certain top brands in the market are selling eye lashes that grow just like your original lashes. You can trim them as you wish and prevent damage to your existing lashes. When one of these lashes fall down the other one will grow in its place. This makes sure that you always have thicker and darker eyelashes all the times. As you are dealing with eyelashes that are very close to the eye, you have to choose a reputed salon like Jon ‘Ric Salon and spa ensure that the has experience in this field. This is important because, any wrong process will not only affect the beauty of your eyes but also the health of the eyes. You can find many companies selling eye lashes online and may dare to use them at home. Saving money is possible when you attach eyelash extensions at home but you have to take proper measures to reduce the risks involved. These eyelash extensions are called semi-permanent additions to the eyes as they last for up to 100 days. You need to have regular touch ups for maintaining the volume. The glue that is used for attaching eyelashes should be inspected carefully as usage of wrong chemical may cause even blindness. However you can avoid these problems when you approach a certified stylish in a proper salon and request her to use high quality eyelashes from top brands in the cosmetic market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: