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The only Russian aircraft carrier after 2 years of internal component overhaul or all open – Sohu Military Channel global network reported on November 18th: according to the Russian military’s "view report" website reported on November 16th, "admiral Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier in the coastal areas of Syria heavy duty again in the sea, it is necessary to upgrade the level and overhaul of the only Russian warships. It not only has a series of defects since its construction, but also needs to be updated. As is known to all, "admiral Kuznetsov" will be repaired and upgraded in 2018. Igor, deputy head of the Russian joint shipbuilding group responsible for the manufacture of warships, said the announcement of the news of the. Alexei, President of the group, in an interview with the Russian 24 hour news channel, more detailed description of the upcoming upgrade plan. He said that the repair refers to the improvement of the command system and enhance aviation clusters. Tass quoted Rahman Andrianof as saying: "will make the aircraft carrier command system to a new level. Unfortunately, we cannot make only superficial changes concepts and principles from the aircraft carrier. Of course, the carrier is now equipped with a new carrier fleet will also be strengthened, with more capacity." Reported that since 1991 to enter the Navy since the Navy Admiral Kuznetsov has not been overhauled, although the only carrier to upgrade the topic of the Russian aircraft has been going on for several years. Although the transformation time is already mature, but the date is delayed. Considering the "admiral Kuznetsov" construction coincided with the turbulent reform era, it entered service on 90s and coincides with the stretched century, the only Russian aircraft carrier is ill fated. When the first expedition to the Mediterranean in 1995-1996, the power plant frequently failed. At that time, during the visit to Malta, due to damage to the boiler, the aircraft carrier was almost thrown into the shore by the waves. 20 years later, when the aircraft carrier to the coast of Syria, the black smoke of the chimney caused by foreign Internet users and reporters a teasing sound. At the beginning of this century, several fire occurred. Many crew members were killed in a local accident. Two planes — a su -33 fighter and a Soviet coach -25UTG attack aircraft — in crash landing. The former has been lying in the Atlantic 1100 meters deep, the latter was found to be unable to repair and scrap. The last time the aircraft carrier loss occurred in November 14th of this year, in the Syria coast, a MIG -29K in landing due to a technical fault into the Mediterranean Sea, the pilot survived. Reported that, although the representative of the joint shipbuilding group did not mention the overhaul of the word, but it can be speculated that the aircraft carrier will be updated to this extent. So, what parts of it should be repaired and upgraded? In short, all. First of all, it is necessary to replace the active device (that is, those who smoke the boiler), all of the radio and electronic weapons and the main attack system "granite" anti-ship missiles, which will likely be removed. The overhaul process includes the removal of all internal parts of the aircraft carrier, analysis of its mechanical condition (defect inspection), according to the requirements of the times to be replaced. In any case, once a major overhaul, the last combat unit may only retain the hull""相关的主题文章: