Russian hackers exposed drug related Olympic players, British golf girls in column sports Sohu-mide-031

Russian hackers exposed drug related Olympic players, British golf girls in the column – Sohu sports in Beijing on September 18th news, according to Reuters, BBC, the United States Golf website substandard media reported, as the Russian hacker organization "fantasy bear" (Fancy Bear) into the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) database, and a number of Olympic Games in Rio the player information is "theft", which was released this week in 53 British athletes drug information of the Rio Olympics, including a golf player – the 20 year old British women’s golf will be small (Charley Hull) – Charlie Hull. At present, this week for the annual final Grand Slam tournament Championship – Evian Hull did not comment. "Fantasy bear" recently released into the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) announced a large database, is refers to the use of stimulants immunity allowed drug taking the Rio Olympic games players, including the United States Tennis Star Venus and Serena, won 4 gold medals in gymnastics Olympic Games in Rio Negro American gymnastics talent Simon Byers are exposure of doping. Today, the "fantasy bear" not only exposed some of the Rio Olympic Games champion and American famous athletes, but also has been exposed to the 53 British Rio doping Olympic athletes, and for the ladies European tour, LPGA tour Hull became the first golfer on the list. Hull is regarded as Britain emerged in recent years, a women’s golf star, participated in the two Solheim cup, in 2014 the meryem cup (Lalla Meryem Cup) took the personal occupation career first ladies European tour champion. The 20 year old England teenager was first Grand Slam tournament this year – ana was tied for second, almost achieved his first Grand Slam champion. According to foreign media reports, Hull was suffering from asthma and received a medical exemption, the use of steroids for treatment. Earlier this year, Hull told the American Golf Channel about her asthma and withdrew from the LPGA cup. She said, because of the need to comply with the World Anti Doping Agency of the Anti Doping regulations, since converted into non steroid inhaler, her condition worsened asthma.   相关的主题文章: