Russian Foreign Ministry meiqiang hard policy would be more complex to solve the problem of helpless

Russian Foreign Ministry: meiqiang hard policy will only helpless problem solving more complex Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va said on 7, solve the tough policies of other countries to help many international problems. Zaha Lo Va told Russia today television interview that the United States in recent years, many countries in the tough, outrageous policy, this will not help solve the problem, will only make the problem more complicated. Zaha Lo Va said that Russia advocates the development of cooperative relations with the United States on the basis of equality, but it depends on the development of relations between Russia and the United States will elect the new president of the United States on Russia’s foreign policy. Russia has repeatedly said that the United States take on Russia’s policy of hostility is a dead end, will only lead to the worsening of relations between the two countries. She pointed out that to solve many international issues need cooperation between Russia and the United States in the international arena. The more constructive dialogue between Russia and the United States, the international situation will become more stable. Since March 2014, the United States and the European Union began to impose sanctions on Russia because of the Ukraine issue, Russia is taking measures against. Recently, Russia and Western countries due to the escalation of the conflict in Syria, the general speculation that the West may impose new sanctions against russia.相关的主题文章: