Runner up by 90 kg weight change fitness development app help others (video)

The runners mad minus 90 kg Master APP to help others become fitness Tencent running training camp 9: summer training experience is not the same as Elia was cool acid before and after weight loss compared to Tencent sports news this is a magical story running to lose weight. In 2007, Elia (Arya Farzin) method has received a mother Christmas gift, it is a brilliant two large size T-shirt, it became a turning point in his life. Since that time, Elia, who reached 365 pounds (about 165 kilograms), had decided to lose weight. Now, as he recalls, he said: "I think that’s the important turning point, when I realized I needed help." And the most direct and effective help for Elia was from his uncle, who had lost 40 pounds. Elia was only 19 years old – has been invited to my uncle’s home is located in Harrisburg, where he will focus on how to let oneself become more healthy. But Elia – the early days of weight loss is not successful: I tried a lot of different diet weight loss methods, but never lose weight more than 10 pounds." Elia then began to try more weight loss methods, he had to eat six meals a day, but each meal only eat a little. In addition, he began to practice weightlifting, and then began to walk and jog – start from the treadmill exercise, and then gradually transferred to the outdoor. Elia – who has been able to improve his running ability, has been able to run 7 miles in an hour, and then began to participate in some of the more than 5000 meters of the game and obstacles. During that time, Elia and I had a sense of motivation: "suddenly, I began to want to do something new, completely separate from the bad days of the past. I began to try hiking, and started to practice climbing, but also pay more attention to the health and nutrition of the body." In a short span of two years, Elia has lost 153 pounds (about 70 kilograms) to his body, which is a very healthy weight. Now he is an experienced fitness private trainer Master, began to work, the main duty is to help their customers have more reasonable training muscle weight. In addition, Elia has also developed a method for running professional APP, he designed a lot of running the course according to their own personal experience, to help users more reasonable arrangements for their running plan, running to learn more professional knowledge. When it comes to their own research and development inspiration Elia – France said: "when I run, always with an imaginary enemy in the competition, which makes me finally created the APP." Elia – France’s goal is to make this APP has more than 100 thousand users, which he seems confident: "when I lose some weight, I feel really relaxed, free. I have some ideas that I want to help others, and I don’t want people to have my bad feelings." (Li Tianyou)相关的主题文章: