Rosamund Kwan’s white skirt gracefully emerged as a friend Joseph

Rosamund Kwan white dress elegant appearance, said friends condolences to friend Joseph Lau Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 8th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Rosamund Kwan as ambassador to attend last night’s "good charity fund" charity dinner, with guests and Irene Wan and her husband, Qiqi, and Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse did not appear, Miriam Yeung, Ma Junwei it took short to support. Rosamund Kwan Rosamund Kwan wore a white dress appeared earlier, she was busy in cooperation with the fashion brand, she is a design of pajamas positive publicity, before doing more activities in Beijing, by the end of the month to spend on birthday in the local. "More than 10 cakes were cut," Rosamund Kwan said happily. "All the friends and teams celebrated for me. My birthday wish is healthy, brand sales." Does Rosamund Kwan have many pursuers after the divorce? She says: "people don’t pursue, I am Indoorswoman, plus the Christmas and new year are the fashion season, busy work, to engage in online shopping and shelves, which have time for love." Joseph Lau, a friend, is not in good health. Rosamund Kwan said, "I know it through reports, because you haven’t been connected for a period of time, but you have friends to greet each other." Irene Wan presented herself as a gift. Irene Wan and her husband came to love. On the 1 day of the month, two people were married 16th anniversary. She was happy to receive her husband’s diamond ring, and she sent her to each other. In addition, Huang Zhuoling also came when their husbands appeared, at present she had a pair of children, aged 8 and 6 years old. Huang Zhuoling usually takes care of the family, yearns for the present life, has no intention to return, and has no addiction. (Miao Fei)

关之琳白裙优雅现身 称有托朋友慰问好友刘銮雄   新浪娱乐讯 北京时间10月8日消息,据香港媒体报道,关之琳以大使身份出席昨晚的“善学慈善基金”慈善晚宴,同场嘉宾还有温碧霞与老公、琦琦等,而没能现身的成龙、谢霆锋、杨千嬅、马浚伟则拍下短片以作支持。 关之琳   关之琳穿上白色晚装现身,早前她忙着与时装品牌合作,她为有份设计的睡衣积极宣传,之前更在北京做活动,顺便在当地度过上月底的生日。关之琳开心地说:“共切了十多个蛋糕,都是朋友及团队为我庆祝。生日愿望是身体健康,品牌大卖。”离婚后的关之琳是否有不少追求者?她谦称:“都没人追求,我是宅女,加上圣诞和新年都是时装旺季,工作很忙,要搞上架和网购,哪有时间谈情说爱。”   对于好友刘銮雄身体状况不佳,关之琳说:“我也是透过报道才知道,因大家已没联络一段日子,但有托朋友问候对方。”   温碧霞当自己礼物   温碧霞和老公恩爱到场,本月1日正是二人结婚16周年,她开心表示收到老公的钻戒,而她就送了自己给对方。另外,息影多时的黄卓玲也偕夫现身,目前她育有一对仔女,分别是8岁和6岁。黄卓玲平时以照顾家庭为主,很向往现在的生活,无意复出,也没有戏瘾。(苗菲)相关的主题文章: