Rookie network and Ali cloud start Kunpeng plans to accelerate the logistics industry into the cloud

Rookie network and Ali cloud start Kunpeng plans to accelerate the logistics industry into the era of cloud rookie network CTO Wang Wenbin Sina Technology News October 14th afternoon news, held today in the Yunxi conference, rookie network CTO Wang Wenbin announced that rookie network and Ali cloud jointly announced the launch of cloud logistics accelerated action "Kunpeng plan", to jointly promote the global logistics industry enter the "cloud on the day". According to reports, the project will further accelerate the domestic logistics enterprise and logistics cloud parcel use proportion; on the other hand the use of cluster nodes around the world, logistics cloud will also expand the areas of services to overseas logistics enterprises, at the same time to provide Chinese logistics enterprises in the global business support. Wang Wenbin believes that in China, people have been able to see the charm of cloud computing in various fields, in the field of logistics, with the strengthening of network infrastructure, the application of cloud computing is also deepening. Statistics show that by the end of 2015, rookie network officially launched the first cloud platform China. Rookie logistics network rookie Ali cloud cloud is combined together to create the logistics industry a logistics information service platform based on cloud computing, relying on powerful Ali cloud computing ability, help logistics enterprise and establish order involves all link member connections, precipitation data, providing intelligent product diversification and on the basis of. At present, including rhyme, every day, BES and other major domestic express logistics giants have used in the logistics service, daily coverage of more than 20 million single single. Wang Wenbin pointed out that the competitiveness of the logistics industry has come out of the competition in the scale and price alone, technology competition will become the key, logistics cloud should become the industry’s infrastructure. According to forecasts, the next few years, Chinese average daily package volume quickly exceeded 1 hundred million, China logistics enterprises can no longer rely on the traditional model of human labor to delivery including, must use the logistics cloud such services, such networks maintain efficient operation. Rookie side said that the current cloud computing services has become one of the core competitiveness of many large enterprises, especially banks, insurance and other high security requirements of the industry. Master the tens of billions of magnitude order information of the courier industry in recent years, it has become one of the main positions, hackers attack only in 2015, the domestic mainstream express enterprise information disclosure, the system suffered attacks from thousands of conservative estimates appear. The logistics industry to enable logistics cloud services more secure and it can not only represent the general trend, effectively resist external attacks, but also reduce the cost of the logistics industry, with double 11 and double 12 business, logistics cloud instant elastic expansion, do not worry about the problem of system collapse. (Zhou Xue) the following is Wang Wenbin speech: rookie network chief technology officer Wang Wenbin Wang Wenbin: 2014 Yunxi conference is held on the outside, that time is not the venue, glad to see the Yunxi meeting thousands of people from the beginning to the present in the scale of tens of thousands of people, I am very excited. I now own is in the rookie network, I am leading the technical team, today I want to share with you the theme is "!相关的主题文章: