Rio Jiangsu Paralympic Games athletes adds 4 gold and 1 silver

Rio Jiangsu Paralympic Games athletes adds 4 gold and 1 silver morning news (reporter correspondent Xing Xi Zhong Yong) Rio ninth game finished, Chinese Teams day maddening 10 gold 8 silver and 8 bronze medals, continue to lead, a single session of 217 total medals to pieces. Jiangsu athletes added 4 gold 1 silver, continue with eye-catching performance. After the end of the game, the Chinese delegation to 94 gold medals, 74 silver medals, the results of the bronze medal in the first place in the gold medal, the first medal in the list of the first 49. Britain to 58 gold, silver and 35 bronze medal standings ranked second, Ukraine gold, silver, 33 silver, followed by 35 copper, followed by 38. Yesterday in the fencing arena, the Paralympic Games, Jiangsu’s flag bearer by Rong Jing led the wheelchair fencing team leading women’s foil, a road in the final, 45:28 won the Paralympic wheelchair fencing final game gold medal. Before the game, consisting of three Jiangsu players Sun Gang, Hu Daoliang, Xie Ruyi man huajiandui also hoped to win. So far, Chinese wheelchair fencing team at the Paralympic Games, won 9 gold, 4 Silver and 4 bronze, worthy of the name of the "dream team". Table tennis men’s and women’s teams of the day in the team competition to interpret "by Feng Panfeng, none such under heaven", Zhao Ping, Zhai Xiang, Liu Jing, Li Qian and Xue Juan’s women’s team consisting of 3 gold medals respectively in the men’s team and women’s team 1-3 class competition. Among them, the men’s team, women’s team Feng Panfeng Liu Jing and Li Qianjun are players of Jiangsu. The Mid Autumn Festival three days, Jiangsu athletes maddening 10 gold 4 Silver and 1 bronze, bumper harvest, Jiangsu accounted for half of the medals. As of the end of the ninth days of competition, Jiangsu athletes won 21 gold, 10 silver and 4 bronze, continue to lead the provinces (regions) team.相关的主题文章: