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The return peak of the subway station takes half an hour to get the card back. The cattle take the opportunity to discount the purchase — the Shaanxi channel — the original title of Renmin network: the return peak subway station needs to wait for half an hour to withdraw the card, and the cattle take the opportunity to discount the purchase. Yesterday, the four largest railway stations in Beijing began to usher in the return peak. All day long is expected to return to Beijing more than 550 thousand people, the number of Beijing in the National Day period for the first time in more than a number of beijing. Shenyang, Ji’nan, Xi’an Railway Bureau have additional trains to send visitors to beijing. Yesterday, the four largest train station in Beijing to train 40, respectively for Harbin and Guangzhou etc.. Today, the return peak of the railway station will continue, mainly in the middle and short distance. Compared with other railway stations, a large number of return passenger flows will be ushered in the Beijing South Railway Station. Newspaper reporter Wang Wei / text / National Day holiday near the end of the Beijing Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station ushered in a busy scene. Many visitors to Beijing in order to travel convenient, to handle the traffic card – the municipal traffic card, and then go back before the end of the holiday card. Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday in the Beijing Railway Station subway station visits found the back of the card window lined up hundreds of meters long, four or five acquisition of traffic card cattle fled, many anxious passengers and cattle trading, traffic card discount card collection to sell cattle. The staff of the Beijing subway service hotline suggest that the cattle meet the direct alarm. The subway station near the back of the card window hundreds of metres long and traffic stop between cordoned off yesterday at noon, the sky cloudy, occasionally falling rain, but the rainy day did not stop people from Beijing to Beijing’s footsteps. It can be seen from the timetable of the arrival of the Beijing Railway Station that there is a train arriving here every few minutes. The 2550 train from Anshan arrived at Beijing at 12:10. After 7 minutes, the D12 train from Shenyang will also enter the station. The bustling crowd is not yet fully out. The passengers of T40 train in Qigihar will also arrive at 12:22 o’clock. On the other side of the railway station square, facing the direction of the ticket hall, it is the Beijing Railway Station station, and the tourists leaving Beijing have a long queue at the card exit window, waiting to return the traffic card. Armband two wearing safety inspection staff in the subway traffic stop and return the card the middle passenger cordoned off. One of the staff confirmed to Beiqing Bao reporter that occasionally such a long team would not be lined up and no need to take the warning line at any time. But this has been the case since October 1st, which is not related to the departure of tourists from Beijing. It is not difficult to see that most of the passengers who are returning cards are those who are leaving Beijing. Most of them are carrying suitcases and other personal belongings. After they finish the card, they take the train back directly. A tourist told the Beiqing newspaper reporter, because he did not know when to come to Beijing next time, so the traffic card is no use on the body, not to retreat on the waste. As the subway station only opened a back card window, the team waiting for the card to retreat longer and longer. It takes about half an hour from the end of the team to the successful withdrawal from the end of the team. Until 13:20, the subway station opened a new card return window, but the subway port was not widely informed, so most people still stayed at the old card exit window. Each card charges 5 yuan, and many people rush to sell to cattle. Many tourists can’t wait for too long because of hurry, so they can only discount the traffic card to the cattle who have bought the traffic card around. Beiqing Daily reporter noticed that there were about four or five cattle who bought the traffic cards. Whenever new tourists queue up for cards, they will go up. First, confirm whether to return the card, then lobby to sell him a discount card. As the speed of the procession procession is slow, the cattle will continue to inquire into the end of the team from the middle of the team. BYD reporter just came into the team at the end of a cattle, the initiative to ask whether journalists need to return the card, he told reporters BYD, a card will only charge 5 yuan fee. As for the balance in the card, the cattle put the subway card on his mobile phone, and through a mobile phone software can inquire the balance. Deduct 5 yuan fee, cattle will balance and traffic card itself to back card fee. "You see, the queue is so long and exhausting." a young yellow cow persuaded the girl who dragged the suitcase. After some consideration, the girl sold the traffic card to the yellow cattle. After taking over the card, the cattle put in the inside pocket of the clothes and began to ask another visitor who was just in line. Many tourists waiting for cards to return to the market have chosen to sell the yellow cattle at a discount price. After a rough statistics, a yellow cattle can buy about 10 cards in half an hour. However, there are also tourists who choose to retire at the window. Mr. Zhang from Hangzhou, after the end of the national day of the National Day Beijing, came back to the card. Three traffic cards in his hand quickly attracted the attention of the cattle. However, after some bargaining, he did not discount to sell cattle, he told reporters BYD, his three card fee and the balance of a total of 60 yuan, cattle only willing to give 50 yuan, because not in a hurry, so not to sell them. You can contact the station encountered cattle can also direct alarm for the subway Beijing Railway Station are cattle acquisition card traffic problems, BYD reporters call the Beijing subway service hotline, the staff reminded, and cattle do not trade, encourage cattle arrogance, if you encounter cattle, can choose direct alarm, can also contact the staff of the station. However, he also confessed that the subway staff did not have the right to enforce the law, and they were also looking for the police to deal with it. In addition, at the Beijing Railway Station, the opening of the open card window is too small, the staff said, will be adjusted according to the situation. (reporter Zheng Lin) – Beijing West Railway Station – the subway stop to the average length of time required for more than half an hour today is the last day of a small holiday national day. Yesterday, the Beijing West Railway Station to meet Beijing passenger station, added a number of voluntary service timely passenger evacuation. The main mode of transport as Beijing station passenger flow, Beijing West Railway Station subway station also lined up in average length is about half an hour. Yesterday afternoon, the Beijing West Railway Station Beijing traffic began to increase. 16 PM, the station has a lot of people waiting in the station. Beijing Youth Daily reporter saw in the west, along with the train station, North 1, north 2 outbound passengers at the station in a continuous line. The ticket station in domestic demand, slow out station flow out of the station, so did not cause overcrowding. At the same time, the west station also increased the service of volunteers to help evacuate the passenger flow. A former staff member was also added to a staff member and a volunteer. BYD reporter noted that due to Beijing and Beijing from increased traffic, inquiries per person per minute to answer 8 questions, mainly concentrated in the subway station, where the direction and direction of refund ". As the main traffic mode of the station, the subway station of Beijing West Railway Station also has a long queue. "Take the subway station later, to see such a long line is drunk from the south to Beijing, visit Ms. Zheng told reporters BYD," a half an hour ". Many passengers say the subway stations have more than half an hour. In the subway station south, queuing situation slightly reduced, but still in time in about 20 minutes. In addition to passengers, passengers are also increasing from beijing. BYD reporters in Beijing West Railway Station the station to see, the staff is finishing one-way subway card, the ground has been placed two boxes stacked single card. In order to speed up the passengers’ import and export, the brakes are all open. (reporter Zhang Xiaomei) – Beijing South Railway Station / night taxi to protect some cars to three hundred or four hundred cars near the end of the National Day holiday, Beijing South Railway Station to open the "returning" mode. Beijing yesterday, in addition to a large number of passengers, there are a lot of tourists return to beijing. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Beijing South Railway Station east parking lot, for the protection of large passenger travel at night station, South Station taxi extended checkpoint car operation time 1:52 at night, we will according to the duty room for the train schedule, each taxi company dispatch hundreds of taxi to the station to meet people, 6 days and 7 days is expected to increase to three hundred or four hundred vehicles a day." South Station Jinqiao parking staff told reporters. In addition to the night to open the taxi, subway line 4 Beijing South Railway Station to QiaoBei Railway Station bus Ontario direction 30 minutes longer. At the same time, arriving passengers can also choose in the Beijing South Railway Station South Square bus bound for Beijing West Railway Station South Square Night 15 road, bound for Beijing Railway Station East 17 Road, bound for the night and Ping Dong bridge night 24 Road (night bus train time is 23:20 -4 50). 16 PM, BYD reporters at the station waiting room did not see a few hundred meters long queue, the station opened on the eastern side of the underground transfer channel 7 fast hall, site staff told reporters that during the golden week took a wicket and elevated rapid hall synchronous ticket release, reduce queuing time. (reporter Liu Xu) (commissioning editor Deng Nan and Ren Lihong) 返程高峰地铁站退卡需等半小时 黄牛趁机打折收购–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:返程高峰地铁站退卡需等半小时 黄牛趁机打折收购   昨天北京四大火车站开始迎来返程高峰。全天预计返京人数超过55万人,返京人数在国庆期间首次超过出京人数。沈阳、济南、西安铁路局等纷纷加开列车送旅客返京。昨天,北京四大火车站加开列车40对,分别开往哈尔滨、广州等地。今天,火车站的返程高峰将持续,主要以中短途为主。与其他火车站相比,高铁车站北京南站将迎来大批返程客流。 文 本报记者 王薇   ▲北京站▲   国庆假期临近尾声,北京站又迎来一片繁忙的景象。不少来京游玩的游客为了出行方便,办理了交通卡――市政交通一卡通,然后在假期结束前办理退卡。北京青年报记者昨天在地铁北京站探访发现,地铁站的退卡窗口排起了近百米的长队,四五名收购交通卡的黄牛流窜其中,不少着急的旅客选择和黄牛交易,将交通卡折价卖给收卡的黄牛。北京地铁服务热线的工作人员建议,遇到黄牛可以直接报警处理。   地铁站退卡窗口近百米长队   与进站客流间拉起警戒线   昨天中午时分,天空布满阴云,偶尔还落下细雨,但是,阴雨天并没有阻挡人们离京返京的脚步。从北京火车站的列车到站时刻表上可以看出,每几分钟就有一班火车抵达这里。从鞍山始发的2550次列车12时10分到达北京,7分钟后,从沈阳开来的D12次列车也将进站,熙熙攘攘的人群还没有完全出站,齐齐哈尔的T40次列车的乘客也将于12时22分到达目的地。   在火车站广场的另一侧,正对着售票厅的方向,是地铁北京站站,离京的游客在退卡窗口排起了长队,等待退还交通卡。两名佩戴地铁安全检查袖标的工作人员在进站客流和退卡客流中间拉起了警戒线。其中一名工作人员向北青报记者确认,平时偶尔才会排起这样长的队伍,也不需要拉警戒线,但是自从10月1日开始一直如此,这与离京游客前来退卡并非没有关系。不难看出,在退卡的乘客中,大部分都是准备离京的游客,他们大多带着行李箱等随身物品,退完卡后直接乘坐火车返程。一位游客告诉北青报记者,因为不知道下次什么时候来北京,所以交通卡放在身上也没什么用,不退就浪费了。   由于地铁站只开放了一个退卡窗口,等待退卡的队伍越来越长。简单测算,从队伍末尾到成功办理退卡,大约需要半个小时的时间。直到13时20分左右,地铁站又新开了一个退卡窗口,不过地铁口并没有进行广泛告知,所以大部分人还停留在原有退卡窗口。   每张卡收取5块钱   许多人着急赶路卖给黄牛   许多游客因着急赶路,无法等待太长时间,只能将交通卡打折卖给周边收购交通卡的黄牛。北青报记者注意到,现场大约有四五位收购交通卡的黄牛,每逢有新的游客排队退卡,他们就会迎上去,首先确认是否退卡,然后游说将卡打折卖给他。由于退卡队伍行进的速度很慢,黄牛会不断从队伍中间依次询问到队伍末端,反复进行游说。   北青报记者刚刚排进队伍末端,一名黄牛便主动上前询问记者是否需要退卡,他告诉北青报记者,一张卡他只会收取5元钱的手续费。至于卡中的余额,黄牛将地铁卡放在自己的手机上,通过一款手机软件便可以查询余额。扣除5元钱手续费,黄牛会将余额和交通卡本身的工本费交给退卡人。   “你看队伍这么长,排着多累人啊”,一位年轻的黄牛劝说拖着行李箱的女孩,经过一番考虑,女孩将交通卡卖给了该黄牛。黄牛接过卡后,立马装进了内侧的衣服口袋,开始询问另一位刚刚排队的游客。不少等待退卡的游客都选择折价卖给了收购的黄牛,北青报记者经过粗略统计,一名黄牛在半个小时时间,可以收购约10张卡。   不过,也有游客选择在窗口退卡。来自杭州的张先生,昨天结束了国庆北京的行程后也前来退卡。他手里三张交通卡迅速吸引了黄牛的注意。不过,经过一番讨价还价,他并没有折价卖给黄牛,他告诉北青报记者,自己三张卡的工本费和余额共计有60多元,黄牛只愿意给50元,由于不赶时间,所以就没有卖给他们。   遇到黄牛可联系车站   同时也可直接报警   针对地铁北京站存在黄牛收购交通卡的问题,北青报记者致电北京地铁服务热线,工作人员提醒说,不要和黄牛进行交易,助长黄牛的气焰,如果遇到黄牛,可以选择直接报警,也可以联系车站的工作人员。不过,他也坦言,地铁工作人员并没有执法权,也是找公安进行处理。此外,针对北京站开放退卡窗口过少的情况,工作人员说,将会根据现场情况进行调整。(记者 郑林)   ▲北京西站▲   地铁进站平均时长需半小时以上   今天是国庆小长假最后一天。昨天起,北京西站开始迎接返京客流,站内增设了多个志愿服务点及时疏散客流。作为返京客流出站的主要交通方式,北京西站地铁进站处也排起了长队,平均进站时长约为半小时。   昨天下午,北京西站的返京客流量开始增加。16时左右,各出站口已有不少人在等候接站。北京青年报记者在西站看到,随着几辆列车的到站,北1、北2出站口处的出站旅客络绎不绝。由于在站内需进行检票,放慢了出站人流量,因此出站后并未造成过度拥挤。同时,西站也增加了志愿者服务岗,帮助疏散客流。问询处也由此前的一名工作人员,增加为一名工作人员和一名志愿者。北青报记者注意到,由于返京和离京客流量的增加,问询处平均每人每分钟需回答8个问题,问题主要集中在“地铁方向、出站方向、哪里退票”等。   作为出站的主要交通方式,北京西站地铁进站处也排起了长队。“出站后来坐地铁,看到这么长的队也是醉了”,从南方游玩回京的郑女士对北青报记者说,“排了有半个多小时吧”。多名旅客表示,地铁进站时间都超过了半个小时。在地铁南进站口,排队情况略有减轻,但进站时间仍在20分钟左右。   除了返京旅客,离京旅客也在增加。北青报记者在北京西站的出站口看到,工作人员正在整理地铁单程卡,地上已经摆放了两箱码放整齐的单程卡。为了加快旅客进出站,刷卡闸机全部开放。(记者 张小妹)   ▲北京南站▲   夜间出租车保点车增至三四百辆   国庆假期临近尾声,北京南站开启“返乡”模式。昨天除了大量返京的旅客,也有不少到京旅游的旅客返程。北京青年报记者从北京南站东西停车场了解到,为保障夜间到站的大客流出行,南站站内的出租车保点车的运营时间延长到夜里1时52分,“我们值班室会根据列车时间表,申请各个出租车公司调度上百辆出租车来车站接人,6日和7日预计每天会增加到三四百辆。”南站金桥停车的工作人员告诉记者。   除了夜间增开出租车外,地铁4号线北京南站开往安河桥北站方向末班车延长30分钟。同时,到站旅客也可选择在北京南站南广场乘坐开往北京西站南广场的夜15路、开往北京站东的夜17路、开往和平东桥南的夜24路(夜班公交开行时间为23时20分-4时50分)。   16时许,北青报记者在南站候车厅并未见到几百米的排队长龙,车站开启地下换乘层东侧通道的7个快速进站厅,现场人员告诉记者,黄金周期间采取了高架检票口与快速进站厅同步检票放行的方式,最大程度减少旅客排队时间。(记者 刘旭) (责编:邓  楠、任丽虹)相关的主题文章: