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Restroom a hospital in Hunan now abandoned surveillance lock "suspected" abandoned the father of Beijing hospital monitoring photographed the "suspected" father abandoned. The hospital for hospital for photo Beijing Changsha on 30 August, (Fu Jingyi Yang Wen) reporter 30, from the second people’s Hospital of Hunan province was informed that 29 evening, the hospital found an abandoned baby in the hospital outpatient building first floor Restroom, the baby was born only a month, has been the police hold walk; hospital surveillance video clearly photographed the "suspected" father abandoned. Police hope that parents can contact them as soon as possible. 29, about 22:40, a piece of cotton wrapped baby wash Taiwan found Hunan Second People’s hospital outpatient pharmacy staff Luo Mo comprehensive outpatient building on the first floor of the toilet, he first thought is what the parents will be negligent child in such a dangerous place, but look at the toilet inside nobody, just think the child may is a foundling. Luo Mo immediately reported to the hospital on duty, and made 110 calls. Subsequently, he will hold the baby to the duty room, and emergency department doctors and nurses to conduct a preliminary examination of the child. The baby is a boy, there is no physical defects, wrapped in a piece of cotton is also holding a piece of paper, which stated that the baby was born on July 25th at 23:20 on the lunar calendar in 2016. The hospital immediately view the surveillance video, the video clearly photographed "father – suspected" abandoned – a medium thin, about 40 year old man. He is wearing a white T-shirt, black shorts and black sandals at 22:28 on August 29th, 20 seconds to hold "suspected" baby into the hospital emergency department at men’s restroom, minutes after 22:29 48 seconds to empty out Restroom. Police rushed to the hospital after receiving the report, asked the specific circumstances of the parties, the boy will be taken away. "If the baby fell from the hand washing table on the ground, the risk can be imagined." Zhou Yanping, director of the emergency department of the hospital, said the abandoned behavior also deprived the children of the parents should be concerned about the care and care, serious will lead to abandoned children’s personality disorders and psychological behavior disorders. "Due to a lack of family atmosphere of growth and love, abandoned children grow up mostly with different degree of psychological disorder, prone to indifference and even hostility to the society." Chinese of article 261st of the criminal law, the crime of abandonment, refers to the old, young, sick or other people who can not live independently, has his duty to support, if the case is serious, five years imprisonment, criminal detention or control. Therefore, the move to abandon the child is not only an irresponsible behavior, but also a violation of the law, will be subject to legal sanctions. It is reported that in August 21st at about 23, Second People’s Hospital of Hunan province has 120 people received the distress call, visiting physician Hu Jiaqing in the Loess Ridge Road, Furong Road junction with the trash at the southeast corner of the side, see a baby wrapped in plastic bags. According to Hu Jiaqing, the children of umbilical cord blood on the wet, no physical defects after the initial inspection, but weighs only two kilograms, may belong to premature infants. After the police rushed to the scene, involved in the investigation, and the child相关的主题文章: