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Press section, see the General Secretary Xi – Sohu news news view of classical learning in November 7th, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary and state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping met with the Chinese National Association of journalists of all ninth Council representatives and Chinese News Award, Yangtze Taofen award winners, and delivered an important speech. He stressed that the party’s good news public opinion work, create a good public opinion environment, is governing the country, regarded the event. The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the news public opinion, put forward specific demands on the party’s good news public opinion, we should implement the central major media and media at all levels do better more, make greater contributions to the party and the people, the party and the people trust journalists. In November 8th, it was the only one of the three industry festivals in China, and the second was the nurses’ day and teachers’ day. In the reporter’s Day approaching, General Secretary Xi thanked journalists, for the majority of journalists aren’t the most ardent holiday wishes: the majority of journalists in responsibility, be enthusiastic and press on with wisdom, sweat and even life, and made great contribution to the party’s journalism. Practice has proved that our news team is a reliable, high quality, hard fighting team, Comrades work very hard, very effective, the party and the people thank you. Rather than taking advantage of the reporter’s day, a look at the general manager of the work of public opinion on the news said what? The news reporter hope in his speech, General Secretary Xi proposed the "four" of the 1 journalists: hope to adhere to the correct political orientation, highly consistent with the Central Committee, Marx adhere to Marxism news view, adhere to the position of the party and the people, adhere to the socialist Chinese, do a firm political journalist. 2 to adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, to further promote the party’s theory and policy, to further promote the people of all ethnic groups to achieve the "two one hundred year" goal, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream of struggle and achievements, promote the theme, the release of positive energy, do ushered in the era of journalists. 3 we must adhere to the correct news aspirations, improve the level of business, the courage to improve innovation, and constantly improve themselves, self-improvement, to do the business of skilled journalists. 4 work should adhere to the correct orientation, taking people as the center, the heart of the people, carry forward the spirit of praise, abide by the occupation, occupation morality, hard work, dedication, do the fine style of journalists. The direction and position of the news work on 2016 2, 2009, general secretary of the party held a news conference on the work of the forum and delivered an important speech on the 19. In his speech, he also made important instructions and positioning for the news: 1 news public opinion work in the direction of the party’s news public opinion work is an important task of the party, is governing the country, regarded the event, to adapt to the development of domestic and international situation, the party’s work from the global orientation, adhere to the Party leadership, adhere to the correct political orientation, adhere to the people-centered job oriented, respect the law of Journalism and communication, innovation methods,.相关的主题文章: