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Rennie: one hundred thousand the remnants of the refugee camp [Abstract] these from Hongkong to Taiwan by tens of thousands, Mr. Li Lao is one of them. And he went to Taiwan on the same ship, and fellow horse Heling one family, which is his only son, just over a year old Ma Ying-Jeou. For that matter, is also the Hongkong Rennie refugee camp of a story. Author: Chen Qiwen Rennie of former Hongkong Rennie, but the New Territories a small remote place, but one hundred thousand remnants of the influx of Jiang Jun, this place is full of vicissitudes of life and legend in 1949 the Kuomintang regime in the precarious retreat in Taiwan, while hundreds of thousands less retreat Jiang Jun remnants fled in Hongkong. This is also the largest ever influx of refugees in Hongkong. To start, Jiang Jun was in exile in Hongkong these remnants of British authorities placed in the citizens of the village of Mount davis. And at the time of Hongkong, have a lot of extreme also very powerful leftist forces, they want to put these already disarmed Jiang Jun out of Hongkong so often to all, Davis refugees to stir up trouble. But these barehanded experienced countless bloody Desperado also not good. Finally in 1950, the Hongkong and Desperado leftist students turned into a massive bloodshed. This conflict, let the British authorities finally made a decision, the about one hundred thousand army and remnants of their families to Tiu Keng Leng, centralized resettlement. At that time, there is no tune ridge ridge this place names, the people of Hong Kong are called hanging neck ridge. Since the name is so unlucky, many refugees are reluctant to move there. Hong Kong authorities from human consideration, take homonym hanging Ling, the ground was renamed rennie. This is the first time that the place has been officially named. Tiu, adjust the situation. For such a group of exiles, who do not want to adjust and change their situation. From the earliest DanJia family settled here, here to about one hundred thousand refugee asylum, the years have experienced numerous changes, Hongkong into an international metropolis from a small fishing village. But in addition to the name of the king ridge ridge has not changed much, it is still the most remote and desolate land in Hongkong, the new territories from the corner. For a long time, here are not new to the outside of the roads and streets, there seems to be a solitary place, an offbeat social Hongkong. No matter who come here, have a kind of feeling cornered. No way, no single plank bridge. Only can let them go out, only to Shaukeiwan small ferry. It’s not easy to get out of here, and this is probably a very clever consideration by the British authorities. It is not easy for the outside people to come here to make a provocation. Camp life is very hard, even the hut no DanJia family lived, lived along the mountain to build crude oil A shed. The paper shed is easy to catch fire, the fire occurred, some are man-made, also has the spontaneous combustion in the hot sun, a fire will burn into flames hula. In addition to the fire, and water, Fire and water have no mercy. Sometimes, after the storm, the mountain is a mess, blown up from the broken pieces flying all over the sky, the sky filled with new territories, will float to Hong Kong on those buildings, the mid.相关的主题文章: