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Q3 highest rate of use of the phone you can not guess that it was actually Phoenix Technology News November 25th news, Tencent big data recently released the third quarter of 2016, the industry data report. This report is divided into user attributes, retained data and mobile devices three chapters. What you can’t guess is that the Q3 has the most mobile phones. Into the mobile Internet force   00; see report that after "00 become a force in the mobile Internet" let some people sigh. Although the age of 90 18-24 is still the main force of the mobile Internet, occupy 38.28%, but after watching the development momentum of the group of 00, I’m afraid it will not be long before the catch up. The overall distribution of active users from the mobile Internet, the more developed economies of Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang and the central population. From the time point of view, mobile device users at noon (12:00-13:00) and after work (18:00-23:00) more active. (PS: it seems that not only do I prefer to play mobile phone on the subway and before going to bed) most of the application of the honeymoon period, but the 30 day of the report also analyzes the user to download the application retained. It is understood that the video, news, business and other applications are mostly active user installation and high frequency of product demand, so the next day retention rate of up to 40%. And travel, music, social, office applications as a daily life just need, the next day retention rate is also good. But for most applications, they are 30 days away from their honeymoon. After a fresh period, after the familiar period, most of the 30 day retention rate will be reduced to less than 15%. Use the highest rate of mobile phone was OPPO R9  mobile devices, for iPhone, iOS 9 still occupy the mainstream, as of the end of September this year, the coverage rate is close to 74%. The iOS 10 in September 24th after the release of two weeks, according to the report, there are nearly 8% of users have been upgraded. In the Android camp, not surprisingly, Android operating system slower iteration, Android 6 by the end of September it accounted for only 11.93%. Even more shocking is that this year there are people who are using Android 2.3 phone system. Android activity in the top ten of the phone, millet accounted for a total of 6 models, of which there are 5 red rice. However, to sit tight in the top spot is really OPPO R9, this result, you guess? (Liu Zhengwei)相关的主题文章: