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Pu Bajia unveiled the "forging the sword" premiered conference   Wang Ou tribute day — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Pu Bajia unveiled the "forging knife" premiered conference to join Wang Ou National Day gift     by Pu Bajia, Xu Seng, Wang Ou, Zheng Yitong, Hao Rongguang, etc. a high peak value of Yan actress starring. The general director of the famous writer Wang Jun penned, senior producer Zeng Hui featuring the legendary war movie producer "emotional forged knife", will be held during the national day landing CCTV eight evening prime time. Yesterday, the play premiered conference held in Beijing, a public key creative full debut. In the play, playing the role of actor Pu Bajia, one of the men, said at the press conference, the play with his own two women have cut constantly entangled feelings of confusion, but also in. It is precisely because of these two women, prompting Jiang Xiaodao from an ordinary cottage in the youth, grew up as a good Communist Party members. Wang Ou Zheng Yitong Pu Bajia hand site interpretation of emotional journey   play Pu Bajia played copycat "inverse" River Knife, was originally set "wildness" and "sincere" in a constantly facing the fate of outlaws of the marshes, twists and turns and life choices, rushed down the scourge, cornered, with copycat brothers to yunnan. The outbreak of the war with Xu Seng as the "rival" Xiao Yiheng went to the battlefield, culminating in the underground party members Shen Peiqin (played by Zheng Yitong) peel (played by Hao Rongguang)’s appeal on the revolutionary road. In the scene, with the complex emotional entanglements between Pu Bajia and Wang Ou as the "toast of Miss Jiang Meilan and Zheng Yitong as the" intellectual female underground "Shen Peiqin. Jiang Meilan feeling root Jiang Xiaodao grew up with a deep, but unexpectedly luohuayouyi human feeling is like running water. With the continuous development of the story, the knife River gradually produced feelings for Shen Peiqin. Scene, Pu Bajia interpretation of the feelings of these two women, said that the two feelings are beliefs. The river is more like the feelings of Meilan men most essential to specific emotional needs, while Shen Peiqin is immersed in love up small in love with the love of national interests. The national hero Pu Bajia tribute blood interpretation of "Anti Japanese War minority forging knife" in Yunnan’s youth Jiang knife revolutionary growth process as the main line, about the Chinese people still went to the battlefield, after the ordeal of vital importance, gradually awakening in the smoke of war, a step toward maturity and eventually to a bright new course. In the play, Pu Bajia played Jiang Xiaodao "wild" "reckless" bloody "". Pu Bajia said in an interview that the whole shooting process is not a day of rest, it can be described as full of heart into the creation of. On the one hand, the group has a good creative atmosphere, everyone seems to be the blood of the infection, every day is full of passion; on the other hand, the role of their own experiences have many similarities, are growing up in minority areas. He saw himself in the River Knife shadow, so it is relatively easy to interpret the characters. In recent years, as a few of the screen on the story of the story of ethnic minority compatriots in the war against Japan, "forging knife" to respect history, respect for the creative requirements of the arts, Xi)相关的主题文章: