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How do the pre pregnancy pregnant cold cold – we all know Sohu maternal medication during pregnancy is very bad to the fetus if the mother to have a fever, and can not take medicine, how to do? Today, Xiaobian pregnant cold do cold, pregnant women eat what medicine and what pregnant women eat cold to cold and we talk about pregnant mother. Cold is a common name, mainly manifested as headache, fever, runny nose, cough and other symptoms. Like Chinese medicine according to the onset of the season, the condition of different cold and wind heat cold. The general cold winter season in the summer, mainly in the cold, but it is not entirely in accordance with the season to determine. Pregnant women are most likely to catch a cold group, as pregnant women, to consider more factors, including the impact of drugs on the fetus. Understand the cause of the cold and the treatment of cold, cold is not terrible. How pregnant cold treatment for a mild cold pregnant women can drink boiling water, pay attention to rest, warm, cold heat granules or oral Banlangen Granules. Two methods of traditional Chinese medicine can effectively control the cold virus, and no toxicity, so TCM syndrome differentiation and prescription of traditional Chinese medicine is the best treatment method of pregnant cold cold, pregnant women can take Chinese traditional medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Methods three colds have high fever, in addition to general treatment, should be as soon as possible to control body temperature. Physical cooling method can be used, such as the amount of ice placed on the neck, etc.; can also choose to use drugs to cool. Do not take medicine analgin side effects such as the. In the selection of antipyretic analgesic, to avoid the use of drugs have obvious adverse effects on maternal, fetal and neonatal, such as acetaminophen and antipyretic analgesics can be used under the guidance of a doctor. The four methods can also be used as raw mung bean recipe, a small child. Onion (near the roots of three). Ginger three large. A tablespoon of brown sugar. A bowl of water. The method of making the green beans into the mashed garlic mortar, into the cover cup size, and adding a spoonful of sugar. The pot add a bowl of soup, boil, put ginger scallion, will boil slightly (one or two minutes), Decoction with material into the cup cover, cover the lid boring for a little while, the onion ginger can take out. Take the method before going to sleep at night, will make the sweet and spicy soup hot drink, then fall into sleep. Until I sweat. Pregnant cold therapeutic method of honey Apple 5 apples peeled, cut into small pieces, 1 liters of water, boil for 5 minutes, cooled to 40 DEG C, add appropriate amount of honey stir, drinking a small amount several times a day. Ginger carrot soup ginger 25 grams, radish, cut into slices of 50 grams, add water to 500 ml, cook for 15 minutes, add brown sugar amount, while the hot drink. Garlic porridge take clean onion 10, chopped, 3 garlic, 50 grams of rice, boiled into porridge, chenrefuxia. Sydney Sydney wash pot, with skin shredding, add rock sugar, sand pot or steam cooker. Apply to wind hot cough. Pregnant women after the best cold rice porridge. When you have a cold, drink hot porridge.相关的主题文章: