Pregnant mother with 6 year old daughter to buy food stall girl walking along 8000 yuan

Pregnant mother with 6 year old daughter to buy food stall 8000 yuan girl walking along the face of police interrogation, the mother and daughter always not to utter a single word. Original title: pregnant mother with 6 year old daughter shopping girl took Haikou stall 8000 yuan Southern Metropolis Daily News November 13th   10 in the morning, Haikou city vegetable market haidiandao road two in one of the meat streams of people busily coming and going, boss busy business casual, he found a bag hanging on the side of the no see. "There are only 8000 yuan in cash!" The meat boss suddenly worried, "just like a little girl put the bag away." To remind around enthusiastic people, the boss quickly dropped the meat business, chasing out. For chase out more than 100 meters, the meat boss found a 6 year old girl in her body found her lost bag, bag property in good condition. It was confirmed that he was talking to a middle-aged woman when he lost his bag. "Even with a child to do such a thing, so that a child can be ruined!" Surrounded by people who are angry, immediately dialed 110, after the district police fraternity arrived, the mother and daughter back to the police station for further investigation. According to the police investigation, the woman called Jiang Moumou, born in 1981, from Hunan, Daoxian County, she has been pregnant for 8 months, the girl is her daughter, this year, the age of 6. Jiang Moumou said she and her husband because of emotional discord, early for a divorce, with the child came to Haikou, there is no fixed work, there is no fixed residence. For a daughter stole the package, Jiang Moumou insisted not, but does not recognize the daughter at her behest. The 6 year old girl came into the police station, the police was always silent. During the inquiry, the police to their mother and daughter to buy food, but also they refused. Eventually, Jiang Moumou insisted on eating bread and drinking water in his bag. Although cannot exclude the presence of adults inspired and training children to steal, but because there is no direct evidence that the girl is stealing mother inspired, in addition, two minors are a, a 8 months pregnant, arrival time, the police criticized education release. It is understood that, recently, Haikou has undergone more than an adult with a child stealing case. In November 3rd, a clothing store in the city, a woman with a girl, the women attracted attention at the same time, the girl slipped into the cashier, stole an apple 5S mobile phone; November 1st 18 am, Haikou Haidian City Mall theft incident, in the mall on the first floor of the first floor stairs leading to the negative, a 6 year old girl in a pregnant woman under the cover of the clerk stole cash to a handbag. The reporter learned from the Haikou police, the police have to pay attention to such cases, whether gang crime, or other reason, the police are further investigation. Source: South China Sea network editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: