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Industrial relocation and poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation in Shanxi precise helping new network in Taiyuan Xinhua news agency Xinhua: November 1 industrial relocation and poverty alleviation precise helping — Shanxi poverty alleviation survey Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Guozheng, Wang Feihang "poor households where, where supporting measures". As one of China’s poverty alleviation key provinces, Shanxi province this year on the basis of accurate recognition, to further improve the mechanism for poverty alleviation, aimed at helping the industry, the implementation of poor households to resettle and other key projects, boosting the poor households on the path out of poverty. First the weak industry supporting agriculture will bring poverty this year the village built a photovoltaic power station, let us see the hope that the family out of poverty." Ma Fang Zhen Lvliang Fangshan County Chi Jian Ling village poor households Guo Shuanping said. Village is located in the hinterland of Liangshan, there are currently more than 45 poor people. Guo Shuanping, a family of five people, all of the three adults with disabilities. "In the past, it was a distant dream for us," he said. In order to help Chi Jian Ling Village out of poverty, Fangshan County, according to local conditions to implement photovoltaic power generation projects. Currently, 100 kilowatts of photovoltaic power stations have been built in the village of grid connected power generation, and is planning the construction of 200 kilowatts of photovoltaic complementary photovoltaic projects. After the completion of the project, the annual income of about 450 thousand yuan, of which the direct subsidy for poor households in 60%. Chi Jian Ling village Party branch secretary Liang Yongqing said: "by the end of this year, the Guo Shuanping family will be able to receive 5000 yuan photovoltaic revenue models, plus pension insurance, subsistence allowances and other subsidies, they" live on the bottom. "." In the early stage of the pilot on the basis of Shanxi province this year in 58 poor counties in full swing photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, and made it clear that the project proceeds to focus on supporting the ability to work without the depth of the poverty population out of poverty. According to the arrangement, about 2000000 of the poor in Shanxi, there are about 1 million 150 thousand through the development of characteristic agriculture driven poverty. To this end, Shanxi recently issued a special grains, herbs and other seven characteristic agriculture industry precise poverty alleviation scheme. In the implementation process, we particularly stressed that all localities should strengthen the industrial development and the interests of poor households to join the mechanism to avoid the industry without poverty, help farmers do not help." Guan Jianxun, director of Shanxi Provincial Department of agriculture. Click to view the special 12 page 12 page: "poor" with a "nest" pulled out at the beginning of October, the weather is getting cold. Fangshan County Gedong town’s village relocation and poverty alleviation project construction site is still a busy scene: with the roar of the machine, piling, pouring and other work in order. This is one of the 3 counties to start construction this year resettlement area. By the end of the project is completed, can be submitted to the next spring. 3 districts can be relocated resettlement of more than 1 thousand and 100 poor people, the total of more than 3 thousand and 300 people." Fangshan County Poverty Alleviation Office Director Cui Yunsheng said. Located in the Loess Plateau hilly and gully area of Shanxi, Taihang Mountain and Liangshan two Lu has concentrated destitute areas, these areas with steep mountains, poor environment, poor people to draft, journey, doctor, school is difficult, poverty is more difficult. "One side soil and water conservation 2相关的主题文章: