Post exposure Cai Zhenhua Zhang Jian not to visit Ukraine watching Jeremy Lin said no problem with M-tda7294

Cai Zhenhua Zhang Jian: post exposure does not go to Ukraine watching Jeremy Lin frankly and muskmelon no problem Popescu Happy birthday birthday! Today: Romania football player Popescu: 49 year old South American football player, who played for Juventus, now playing for Funisulanus Camoranesi: 40 year old World Cup news: World Cup – Muller 2 ball broke Germany 3-0 victory over Real Madrid strong waist lead > details >; World Cup – England 2-0 win streak Ali Sturridge scoring details > > Tianjin: Tianjin battle Cup Cup – Kakuta penalties China 5-3 Jianye machete chop won the crown details > >   Orangemen arrived Uzi exposed Cai Zhenhua Zhang Jian will not immediately practice match details go to Ukraine > > Chinese the national team arrived in Uzbekistan Tashkent, 12 fourth round and Uzbekistan team preparing for October 11th. The Orangemen arrived in after a short break, will immediately put the training, for the 11 day battle as far as possible the power savings.   level referee enforcement of Ukraine war who met him in full history only 1 wins and details > > it is worth mentioning that the Orangemen away game against Uzbekistan, by Sri Lankan referee Parreira Zhang shao. This gentleman and Chinese football quite closely, he has officiated super team in the field of law enforcement in the AFC Champions League game, Parreira Chinese team, China team record of only 1 wins and 5 losses. In addition this year U23 Yaqingsai, Syria Olympic team and the battle of life and death is Parreira law enforcement, in the game he was awarded Syria a penalty, and the Olympic goalkeeper sent off dujia.   the Orangemen won 4 games still have a chance to qualify in the Syrian war too roughly the details of > > arrhythmia; 12 stage is divided into two groups, each group of 6 teams, take away the main way to catch on the athletic field, time span of one year, in September 1st of this year from the start to the end of September 5th next year, a the team will play 10 games. Two of the top two teams qualify for the 2018 World Cup finals in russia. The two group of third will be in October 5th next year and 10, 10, a round of two match, the two round will result in dominant team in November 6th and November 14th, and in North America for a finals tickets, and has identified the AFC team will be the first emperor off.   Dutch team refused to release Zhang Yuning before exposure to play football: Yaqingsai is coordinating the details of > > in October 6th the Orangemen failed in Xi’an, the Syria team lost, another bad news and to age 1997 National Youth team. It is reported that Zhang Yuning in Bahrain Yaqingsai Club Vitesse Roig basically has initially agreed to Zhang Yuning to go to Bahrain for Yaqingsai at the end of the Orangemen after the battle. At present, Chinese Football Association is actively communicating with the club vitesse.   Pei Gong: surprised Chinese football progress determination of China to develop the habit of winning details > > in Beijing, Tianjin, 2016 Champions League game;相关的主题文章: