Polls show that 73% of U.S. users are willing to buy millet mix only a clear buy no more than 7% sichen

Polls show that 73% of American users are willing to buy millet MIX only 7% clearly do not buy Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 1st news, according to foreign media reports, millet recently released the latest flagship intelligent mobile phone millet Note 2, while the mobile phone may be alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note7 good, but another mobile phone millet released may be more worthwhile your attention, it is millet MIX. Millet MIX with 91.3% of the ultra-high screen ratio, millet MIX absolutely amazing. It is equipped with 6.4 inches IPS LCD display, with a resolution of 2048 x 1080, the top and the left and right sides basically no borders. Like a larger screen than the user absolutely nothing to complain about. However, millet MIX can be more than just a screen screen. MIX has the same level of internal configuration as most other high-end flagship smartphones. It uses a Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor, 4 or 128 256GB or 6GB memory, storage space, plus a large 4400 MAH battery. The rear camera is 16 million pixels, the chin position with a 5 million pixel front camera. Unfortunately, millet MIX does not seem to intend to visit the United states. Millet India District executives Jai Mani had responded to media requests for comment, said MIX landing other markets and no meaning, because this phone is largely a concept machine. Although millet MIX is a concept machine, but its price is very conscience, only about $500. So, taking into account all of the above factors, the science and technology website AndroidAuthority launched a poll asking users, if millet MIX landed in the United States, they are willing to buy. The result of voting in the 6269 poll of readers, 73% said they are willing to buy, only 7% of readers said they would not buy, in addition to 18% readers need to wait for further comment, as well as 2% of users chose "other". As can be seen, the vast majority of users have been conquered millet MIX. In the face of such enthusiasm, millet should consider taking MIX to the United States? (compile sail)相关的主题文章: