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Anger-Management We’re taking a short break this week from our usual sales chat. I’d like to share something more informal with you now, so you’ll need to find another source of material on marketing your CPA Websites. Have you been told that someone important in your life doesn’t enjoy .ing to your home for game day? You might be an obnoxious sports fan. If you’re providing an expensive home theater .plete with pizza and cocktails on Super Bowl day and people are fleeing the room during the game you may be an obnoxious sports fan. It’s about time to take a close look at some of your language and habits. But fear not, avid watcher of .petitive events! I’ve been there, and I have a few tips that can help you enjoy the game while still being in the .pany of friends! My poor wife. I’m a New Yorker and she’s from Florida, so we often cheer for different teams. For years she has patiently dealt with me acting the fool and treating her like an opposing coach. Post game wrap-up has be.e much more fun since I started following these simple rules. Mute It: People have told me that the loudest they’ve ever heard me talk (yell) are the times that I’m angrily screaming and explaining to the Knicks how they should be playing the game. It occurred to me that, even though I’m angry about the players’ poor performance (because certainly, I could do better), I’m YELLING because I want to be heard over the volume of the television. At a live game, it’s not such a big deal. You’re outside, lots of people are yelling and the sound isn’t contained to a living room. I’ve found that lowering the volume of the game encourages me to also lower my voice. Though still angry, I am able to speak with my indoor voice to the players (who are no doubt listening to me through the TV monitor). This tends to attract less negative attention from those around me! Bite it: Your tongue, that is. Most athletes have potty mouths, but that doesn’t mean you need to have one too. Sure, it might, make you feel better to tell Carmelo Anthony to shoot the bleepin’ ball. But let’s face it, he can’t actually hear you. But the people you’re watching the game with can hear you. Substitute words like, "heck" "flippin" and "gosh darn," if you must. If you’re going to offend people with colorful language, you’re best to just not talk (yell) at all. Record It: Not always the most practical option, especially if you’re talking about the Super Bowl. But if you’re watching a regular season game, and think you’ll be able to find time to watch it alone before someone spoils the score, then record the game. Watch it on your time, holler and scream and curse all you want. Take the time during the live event to hang out with your friends who may not really want to watch a sporting event in the first place. Being loud and or/being right is not important. Spending time with friends and family is what matters. You won’t be able to change the out.e of the game no matter how loud you are or how astute your plays might be. But your temper could drive away or even alienate real people in your life that matter. It won’t affect any of your favorite players, no matter how much you want it to! If you can sit back, relax, and savor the game and you’re considerably more likely to avoid being an obnoxious sports fan! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: