Ping the Internet as a strategic direction to seek new competitive advantage-ssport

National level: the Internet as a strategic direction for the new competitive advantages of the original title: national level: to seek new competitive advantage as the strategic direction of the Internet revolution in the world of information technology change rapidly today, how to promote the network strategy become the China era topic. The afternoon of October 9th, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau on the implementation of the strategy of network power thirty-sixth collective learning. General secretary Xi Jinping presided over the study of the speech, a profound description of how to accelerate the development of China in the new pattern of grasp the initiative of the direction and path of great significance. Since the access to the Internet 22 years ago, the development of China’s net letter business vitality. Now our country has 700 million Internet users, more than and 400 websites, built the world’s largest 4G network, fixed broadband covering all city and township, the electronic information industry scale and the network of retail turnover scale ranks first in the world…… Network has been deeply integrated into society, into life. The development of the cause of China’s Network letter to become a vivid portrayal of the dragon in China in the new century. The same reality is that, compared with the world power network, we still have a small gap. In twenty-first Century, the development of network information technology a thousand li a day, historical opportunity transient. Net letter strong, this is the reality of network era a self-evident. Have the whole world in view, development of the Internet industry system has become an important part of national strength, the network game world is increasingly becoming an important force of geo political game and the evolution of international pattern. Under this background, the General Secretary Xi proposed to accelerate the network information technology innovation, accelerate the digital economy on economic development, improve the management level of the network, accelerate to enhance the security of cyberspace defense capability, accelerate social governance with the network information technology, accelerate the upgrading of China’s cyberspace international discourse and rule making authority. This "six speed" to implement the "look far ahead from a high plane, six speed requirements, the construction of the network power inevitable step steady Lu ming. Innovation is the driving force of the driving force to promote the network strategy to seek a new breakthrough in the network of independent innovation in information technology. Should recognize that the lack of core network information technology is the biggest "Mingmen" us, cutting-edge technology behind will produce additive effect. We must firmly hold the "key" of independent innovation of core technology, focus, painstaking research, research and promote the application of high performance computing, mobile communication, quantum communication, core chip, operating system and other major breakthrough. The face of the Internet and the increasing integration of the real economy of the world tide, we want to speed up the traditional industry of digital, intelligent, bigger and stronger digital economy, expand the new space for economic development. Let the light of the internet light up the lives of the people, it will be able to illuminate the future of the country. (Guo Ping) editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: