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Pillar: "not completely out of poverty, we will never under the ‘FireWire’!" Chongqing windows — people.com.cn people.com.cn Chongqing in October 10, "since 2015, my hometown in carrying out poverty alleviation related work to overcome the difficulties, for the force, step by step, has achieved results, heartfelt thanks to each member of the team, thank all the staff and the majority of people……" Recently, I read the old revolutionary base areas of Tujia Autonomous County of river mouth Township Party Secretary Xie Shiming of Chongqing city "poverty alleviation diary", the township poverty alleviation footprints is clear, the next step work plan to extremely elegant and valuable. The masses catch visit really tough action to squeeze the water "in March 17th, the county’s poverty alleviation work and business training will be held, I will further check Xiang and precise recognition into the important work schedule to implement the plan……" Xie Shiming opened the poverty alleviation diary, the reporter slowly looking for the country’s poverty alleviation road. Since then, the foundation of township full coverage in the monthly visits to help poor households in the area of the cards, has 3 times to carry out the "carpet" visit, door by person in-depth Mopai family situation and the difficulties of the masses, through several ways of investigation and verification, clear obviously does not meet the conditions or poor assessment of irregularities into the cards poor households, effectively put an end to the "rich cap, poor exam" phenomenon. As of now, the river mouth whole new township precise identification cards of 12 poor households 36 people; because of marriage, birth identification and other reasons personal home 44 people, due to marriage, death of individual households repaying 15 people; "four persons" and 26 relatives of cadres 108 people. "Point" and "surface" combine together to promote consolidate deficient heavy long-term "this year, I always adhere to the" point "and" Xiang "combination, promote the overall development of the area of poverty alleviation work, it is still very effective, we should continue to explore, continue to promote……" Xie Shiming in the "poverty alleviation diary" in a detailed record of the township poverty alleviation stage effect. Pay close attention to industrial development. According to local conditions in the 7 village of the township, and established the Alpine vegetable planting, breeding goats and bees; development of dwarf mountain pepper, Lvkedanji, chrysanthemum and fruit industry with rich road, and through government investment, driven by the owners, professional training, and other measures to assist in the acquisition of the insured, kiho, concentric village built more than 500 acres of mountain vegetables demonstration piece 1, 410 groups of bee breeding Park 1, more than 1000 goats breeding Park 1, driven by the township planted 2595 acres of vegetables, breeding goats more than 3000, the Chinese bee in 1080 groups; in the ginkgo hall, village village Changgou consolidate established professional chili 2 1, Lvkedanji breeding Park and the new Lvkedanji 11 thousand, township pepper cultivation scale stability in 3802 acres, Quancun laying nearly 27 thousand, the development of chrysanthemum planted 800 acres, 3200 acres of fruit. Pay close attention to infrastructure construction. Since 2015, the river mouth Township totaling 4.59 kilometers of new highways, repair the highway 7.7 km, 12.6 km of new repair roads, sidewalks 5.6 kilometers, the total mileage reached 85.5 kilometers, the village road)相关的主题文章: