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Pick up your heart at the gas station… No It’s your heart. Recently, two first aid doctors in Ohio, USA, were ready to go to a gas station for a snack. They found a fresh-keeping bag on the grass. They were picked up by two people who were attracted attention, and found that it was a heart. As a professional doctor, they didn’t think of it as a beef, and they didn’t have a circle of friends, but they made a quick report to the police. At present, the police are looking for the owner of the heart. The news spread to Japan triggered hot friends: 2: no woman San @1 anniversary: 20160920 (fire) may be my. 138: No. San @1: 20160920 anniversary (fire) reply 2 floor: No, is my only. 487: No. San @1: 20160920 anniversary (fire) reply 138 floor: please go to get reborn. 4: no woman San @1 anniversary: 20160920 (fire) if you do not get back…… The owner of the heart must be puzzled. 7: No. San @1: 20160920 anniversary (fire) (U) picked up a mushroom (”), there are clues to the person please contact me. 8: no woman San @1 anniversary: 20160920 (fire) according to common sense, the owner of the heart was not in it. 9: No. San @1: 20160920 anniversary (fire) looking for the owner…… The real master has not been able to appear. 24: no woman San @1 anniversary: 20160920 (fire) is not a thing, but why do you laugh. 30: No. San @1: 20160920 anniversary (fire) I accidentally lost. (Penguin: This is the same feeling that the wallet has fallen.) 39: No. San @1: 20160920 anniversary (fire) thank you very much, no wonder I recently felt the blood circulation. 44: no woman San @1 anniversary: 20160920 (fire) the possibility of heart master death is very high. (Penguin: blind monk, you found the Chinese point.) 45: no woman San @1 anniversary: 20160920 (fire) is now the heart of the owner to charge the artificial heart, and at the racetrack H. (Penguin: what is this stalks? Although it is not clear, but I feel it. 78: no woman San @1 anniversary: 20160920 (fire) is used to always feel this sacrifice. 115: no woman San @1 anniversary: 20160920 (fire) also…… To… I… 119:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)如果心脏的主人发现心脏掉了会不会因为受到惊吓而引发心脏病死去? 120: no woman San @1 anniversary: 20160920 (fire) goblins, I have got your heart. It is no wonder that the penguins feel empty in their heart recently, and think that it is the cause of a love loss. But then I thought, he did not seem to be lovers. The heart is sore suddenly when you realize it, and at least the heart is a good thing. Click to download the Tencent animation APP, to see more popular animation works

在加油站捡到你的心脏……不!是你的心脏近日,在美国俄亥俄州的两名急救医生准备去加油站吃快餐时发现草地上出现一个保鲜袋,被吸引注意力的两人捡起塑料袋发现里面竟然是一个心脏。作为职业的医生,他们并没有把这当成是牛肉,大概也没有发朋友圈,而是赶快报了警。目前,警方正在寻找心脏的主人。消息传到日本引发网友的热议:2:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)可能是我的。138:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)回复2楼:不不,是我的才对。487:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)回复138楼:请你们赶紧投胎去。4:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)如果不赶快送回去的话……心脏的主人一定很困扰吧。7:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)( u )捡了个杏鲍菇(‘∀’)ノ有线索的人请与我联络。8:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)按照常理来说,心脏的主人已经不在了吧。9:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)找主人……真正的主人已经没法出现了。24:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)很不得了的事情,但是为什么这么想笑呢。30:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)我不小心掉了。(企鹅娘:这说得跟钱包掉了一样的感觉。)39:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)非常感谢,难怪我最近感觉血液循环不对劲。44:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)心脏的主人死亡的可能性很高。(企鹅娘:盲僧,就你发现了华点。)45:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)心脏的主人现在正在为了给人工心脏充电,而在跑马场H。(企鹅娘:这是什么梗?虽不明,但觉厉。)78:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)总感觉这是用来献祭的。115:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)还……给……我……119:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)如果心脏的主人发现心脏掉了会不会因为受到惊吓而引发心脏病死去?120:名無しさん@1周年:2016 09 20(火)小妖精,我已经得到了你的心脏。难怪企鹅娘最近心里感觉空落落的,还以为是因为失恋的原因。可是转念一想,自己好像并没有恋人。意识到的时候心脏突然好痛,至少还有心脏是个好事。点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: