Philippine media Philippine President will set the banned fishing areas is shelving disputes in the

Philippine media: Philippine President will set aside disputes and forbidden areas is Xi Jinping Duthel Te at the APEC summit meeting, according to Philippines media reported in November 21st on the island of Huangyan, Philippines’s president Duthel Te announced plans for the conservation area of Huangyan Island lagoon, Philippines banned fishermen into fishing, in order to make the Huangyan Island sustainable fish breeding. Some observers believe that the move can also be seen as the two countries temporarily shelved the Huangyan dispute. Duthel Te is currently attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC summit in Peru, 19, held talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping. According to the Philippine ABS-CBN news network news, Walter and Xi Jinping mentioned the Huangyan dispute in bilateral talks. Duthel Te said, to announce Huangyan Island lagoon for marine conservation area, Xi Jinping expressed support, and China is willing to provide assistance. But reports that currently not clear "assistance" means on behalf of China will have the same announcement, because the media has previously said Chinese still guarded by maritime police vessel in Huangyan Island lagoon, Philippines banned the fishermen to go fishing, the Philippine fishermen and some groups were slightly words. Reported that, once the plan began to implement the conservation area, Philippines fishermen will not be able to enter the Huangyan Island lagoon fishing; if Beijing also announced the same measures, so Chinese fishermen will be restricted. Philippines’s national security adviser Ace Piroon (Hermogenes Esperon Jr) Said that the Huangyan Island lagoon fish breeding, announced the lagoon for conservation area, help Huangyan island waters fishing group sustainable development. In addition, the report also quoted the Philippines trade and Industry Minister Lopez (Ramon Lopez) remarks that Philippines and China agreed to jointly patrol the waters of the island of Huangyan. Allegedly, the presidential palace in Philippines will be in next week’s cabinet meeting, the drafting of the establishment of the Huangyan Island lagoon conservation district administrative command. Observers analysis, Manila and Beijing in the name of "environmental protection", while prohibiting both fishermen into the Huangyan Island lagoon, which helps fish sustainable breeding, can also provide both a temporary solution to the next step, the fishing dispute, is the practice of shooting two birds with one stone. In addition, according to the Manila communique in November 21st, said the meeting in 19, Xi Jinping accepted the invitation of Duthel Te, will be scheduled to visit Philippines. In October this year, Duthel Te’s visit to China, China and Huangyan relations have been improved, China allowed Philippines fishermen fishing in the waters of the island. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said in response to the matter, the Chinese side has been exercising the normal jurisdiction of Huangyan, the situation has not changed. In the context of President Duthel Te’s visit to China and the overall improvement of Sino Philippine relations, in accordance with the issues of concern to President Duthel Te, the Chinese side to make appropriate arrangements based on the friendship between China and the philippines. The Chinese Ministry of agriculture has also pledged to provide assistance and training to local fishermen in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, fishing cages and other fisheries. Earlier, the Philippine media said, Philippines two patrol boats arrived in Huangyan waters in November 5th began to patrol. This is since 2012 China to achieve effective control of the island of Huangyan, Philippines patrol boats for the first time into the waters patrol 7相关的主题文章: