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Panyu Guangzhou 152 ferry was only 13 only university city around busy Beidou ferry temporarily suspended. Xiao Guilai took the ferry of the 80s century. University of South Pavilion Village pier, a small boat at the ferry ferry ready. The story of the ferry Guangzhou Daily reporter Xiao Guilai, Guangzhou Daily reporter Su Junjie ho figure recently, connecting Panyu and Nansha bay two Lanhe Beidou ferry posted a paper announcement, saying that due to the reason of aging recently suspended for rectification, the resumption date unknown. The storm caused suspended public attention for township ferry. Guangzhou water network, the ferry once thriving. Data show that the last century at the end of 80s, Guangzhou has 255 villages and towns ferry, ferry 640, passenger volume reached 110 thousand passengers a day. From the beginning of the last century in 90s, along with the rapid development of city road bridge across the river by boat extension, people are increasingly scarce, the township has deserted ferry. Once the township where the ferry? Recently, this reporter for several days, in-depth Township ferry, understand their story. The most busiest ferry ferry   when the number of Southern towns surrounding University City University City and Panyu new town, there are three ferry. Are the new highway ferry (Xiaoguwei to new), South Ferry (University of South Ting Ting Cun to head), spike stone ferry (University City Sui Shi to Xinzao). Three ferry traffic is relatively large, there are 2000-3000 people a day. The most leisurely Ferry: Panyu Qingliu stone ferry Panyu District Qingliu stone ferry is located in the clean village, villagers to take the ferry to the island to view farming. The concept of island belong to clean the village, the village is the main stream ferry crossing village, traffic is also more scarce. Visit: Township West ferry ferry is barren: Ferry are old faces through a narrow alley, the reporter came to the Panyu District Luopu Nanpu street is located in the northwest corner of the island’s West ferry, some potholes on the cement floor, bridge faded, cement floating piers are staggered, the left front at another somewhat shabby the ferry, railing hanging a red orange buoy. 10 morning, accompanied by the roar of the engine, a ferry dock stumble. The ship went down 7 passengers, someone riding an electric car, but also someone stepped on the bike. Responsible for the ticket Guo aunt told reporters that her every day with the ferry back and forth twenty times, from five in the morning to eight at night, the specific number is not counted." Mr. Liao riding a bike at the ferry boat, he is to do the decoration, to the other side to go to work every day. From the village of Nanpu island to the west of Haizhuqu District Shi Xi, if the road traffic, to around a big circle, Liao Xiansheng told reporters: "quite convenient to take the ferry takes about half an hour or so, but only need 10 minutes to get to the other side, not expensive, big waves will be Akira, but overall." West ferry is Guo’s contract, they will live on the edge of a West ferry. Young Miss Guo told reporters that they contracted the ferry has been ten years. Asked the ferry 3相关的主题文章: