Panjin golden week visitors nearly 600 thousand tourism income over 700 million – Liaoning ch-tianbi

Panjin golden week tourists tourism revenue of over 700 million, nearly 600 thousand Liaoning channel — Shenyang on 8 October, (the side, Xiao Yuan during the Han) just after the end of the "eleven" golden week, Panjin city again ushered in the peak tourist reception. The main scenic spots in the city were 570 thousand visitors, up 15% from the same period. The total tourism income was 720 million yuan, up 17% from the same period. It is understood that only 1 million 400 thousand of the population of the city of Panjin, but in seven days the influx of nearly six hundred thousand tourists, major scenic spots, special B & B, spa business booming, crowded; Gaestgiveriet Hotel accommodation again full of rice in Panjin, Panjin crab sales. The star rated Gaestgiveriet Hotel in the city received 44 thousand visitors, and the room rental rate was 100%. Hostel and farmhouse tourists more than 50 thousand people. During the red beach then become a hot day bursting with popularity, the first main scenic spots of Panjin city is still the majority of tourists visit. The Red Beach National Scenic corridor scenic area receives more than 300 thousand tourists, and 170 ferry buses are shuttle around the scenic area, and send a batch of tourists to various tourist spots, orderly. The visitor reception of the liaohekou tourist area has also increased by 15% compared with last year. The Sea red beach makes tourists forget to return, and the seven floor view platform is more crowded. During the period of rural lodging into fashion this year "eleven" golden week, the rural tourism market in Panjin is hot, with special B & B, ecological manor, delicacy as the representative of the beautiful countryside farm tour attracted a large number of City family to experience rural life, beautiful countryside, picking fruits and taste the delicious farm. Tourism hot brings the income growth, the eleven period, the characteristics of Panjin city and the farmhouse hostel brought more than 5 million of the income for the local people. During the festival, Panjin police officers, traffic police, armed police officers and soldiers, Volunteers serve the main attractions and sections. The main scenic spots of the scenic spots increase the temporary ticket selling point, the flow ticketing point and the agent selling point, so as to minimize the time for the tourists to buy tickets and to check the time of the ticket. Two ferry fishing villages arranged 10 ferry cars, adding 50 Temporary toilets to provide convenient services for tourists visiting the red beach. (soup: dragon, commissioning editor Xiao Yuan) 盘锦黄金周游客近60万 旅游收入超7亿–辽宁频道–人民网 人民网沈阳10月8日电(边晗、孝媛)在刚刚结束的“十一”黄金周期间,盘锦市再次迎来了旅游接待高峰。全市主要景区接待游客57万人,同比增长15%。旅游总收入7.2亿元,同比增长17%。 据了解,盘锦市仅有140万人口,却在七天内涌入了近六十万游客,各大景区、特色民宿、温泉企业生意兴旺,人潮涌动;宾馆酒店等住宿设施再度爆满,盘锦大米、盘锦河蟹销售火爆。全市星级宾馆酒店接待游客4.4万人,客房出租率达100%。民宿和农家乐接待游客超过5万人。 红海滩再成热点人气爆棚 国庆期间,盘锦市主要景区仍是广大游客争相游览的首选地。红海滩国家风景廊道景区接待游客超过30万人,170辆摆渡大巴车在景区往返穿梭,将一批批游客送达各个游览点,秩序井然。 辽河口旅游区的游客接待量相比去年也增加了15%,海上红海滩令游客流连忘返,七层观景平台更是人头攒动。 乡村民宿成时尚 今年“十一”黄金周期间,盘锦市乡村旅游市场火爆,以特色民宿、生态庄园、农家美食为代表的美丽乡村游吸引了大批城市家庭前来体验乡村生活、观赏田园风光、采摘瓜果和品尝农家美味。旅游的火爆直接带来了收入的增长,十一期间,盘锦市特色民宿和农家乐为当地百姓带来了超过500万的收入。 节日期间,盘锦市公安干警、交警、武警官兵、志愿者服务各主要景点、路段。景点各主要景区增加临时售票点、流动售票点、代理售票点,最大限度地减少游客的购票时间和验票时间。二界沟渔村安排10辆摆渡车,增设50个临时厕所,为游览红海滩的游客提供便捷的服务。  (责编:汤龙、孝媛)相关的主题文章: