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Credit card also forgot how to less interest   you are not thought to give money to the bank, distressed, financial planner a friend recently very sad, because she received a "scary" credit card bills, with the cycle of interest of nearly 1000 yuan! The friend usually party, but also often and small partners to share their financial methods. This can be good, 10 thousand yuan deposit for 1 years to save money by assistant interest, she suddenly lost! This is not an example, a lot of people in the process of using credit cards, unknowingly tipped the bank. It is not easy to save, how can financial drain? So, today a good financial planner to give you a good talk about the interest rate on credit cards. What is the interest rate? First, understand the meaning of this cycle of interest. Simply said that the credit card to the repayment date, there is no full repayment on time, resulting in interest. Arguably, the repayment date not timely repayment, the bank received little interest as it should be, who let us advance credit card spending, also blame only themselves to blame. But do you know? This calculation of interest is very scary, but if you do not pay attention to a little bit, credit damage, after the loan to buy a house would be more difficult. You have a friend recently to loans to buy second suites, have been with the bank credit personnel on the 3 into the first good pay, 10 percent off interest rate. To go when the loan process, found that two couples have overdue credit card records, the bank anyway to 5 down payment, interest rates do not discount. In this way, due to the credit problem, to pay more than 20% of the funds, but also bear some interest. Interest in the end how to calculate? In the specific calculation before, first of all say that one important thing: if you are in the repayment date before the repayment schedule, will not have any interest; but if you have no "time" and "full" when all your debt repayment, from your consumption began to generate interest, that is to say, this time you can’t enjoy the 25-55 days of interest free period of treatment. Look at an example: White Bill day is 1 days per month, due date of repayment for the month of 20 days. White in the March 1st credit card spending 10 thousand yuan, but until April 20th, white forget also, automatic deduction savings card only 5000 yuan, and 5000 yuan is not. The most important thing is that little white on all this did not pay attention, until May 1st to see the bill…… How much interest is there? Interest =10000 * * 0.05% *51 days (March 1st –4 months 20) + ($10000 -5000 yuan) * * * 10 days (=255+25=280, April 21st –4, 30). That is to say, if the credit card expires without payment in full, 10 thousand yuan white card spending from March 1st began to interest in accordance with the 5/10000 daily, even white in April 20th 5000 yuan. This situation is fairly good, if the savings card (not even the 1000 yuan is the minimum repayment amount), it may be necessary to effect the credit. Because, if the actual repayment is less than the minimum repayment amount.相关的主题文章:

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Kewozi listed for sale 79 thousand and 900 what? You asked me who is Kewozi? Sohu – car finally understand why the new Cruze is not, is all for it. Have a blessed Fawkes shinsc Jetta Bora Weilang with hideo…… Today is also has "entourage" Kewozi! Compact market competition has become increasingly fierce. In order to full foot (TAO) (Kong) of different consumer demand (Qian) and (Bao), manufacturers introduced a variety of segmentation models were very common at the same level as the FAW – Volkswagen Jetta (grade A-), Polaris, Sagitar (Grade A) (A+), Buick Excelle, and Hideo Weilang, Beijing modern mania, four generations (Yue, Lang, collar, Elantra sales). Is the so-called "more children a good fight", look at others with a bunch of kids to the A-class car market cake to eat so well, only a Ke Luzi Chevrolet has long been jealous. So, Chevrolet Kewozi came into being. From the name of view, the new car is Ke Luzi "entourage", together with the car to see what are the highlights! Platform: and is not half dime and although the name "brother" like the Cruze, but in fact it Kewozi and no half dime relationship, but distant relatives and Buick Hideo blood more pro. Chevrolet Kewozi and Buick Hideo, the new platform to build Pan Asia Research and development based on D2XX platform is not the cruze. Size, Kewozi Bikeluzi is a small circle, thus, Kewozi positioning slightly lower than the Cruze, the price is cheaper, the compact car is an entry-level. Products: all-round development Chevrolet official will Kewozi located in the boutique, in accordance with the Almighty intermediate sedan "automobile industry promotion routine, said he" Almighty "products like school" agriculture ", all-round development, what are some but not all of the best results, can mix the upstream. The price of 7.99-10.99 million, than the same advantage – all standard closed type intelligent start stop function – 14 full function ESC vehicle stability system – 5.4L hundred kilometers, with the lowest level Kewozi appearance inherited the family in the new design, the main movement of young wind, Bikeluzi looks beautiful, Bimai Rui Bao younger. Left: the Cruze right: Mai Rui Bao car interior dynamic and layering, workmanship and materials are also very lovable. Equipped with 7 inches touch screen, equipped with Chevrolet Mylink intelligent vehicle interconnection system, compatible with Baidu Carlife features. From the configuration point of view, Kewozi line to locate entry of family cars. All standard can be closed with intelligent function, start and stop the 14 full function ESC vehicle stability system, high strength steel rate as high as 67% BFI integrated cage type body, TRB variable cross-section rolling patent B column, intelligent alone.相关的主题文章:

Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei joint protection of intellectual property rights at

Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to protect intellectual property rights Home Furnishing the furniture industry to promote original design, innovation and protection of intellectual property rights has become the industry consensus, but at the same time, the furniture industry broke the infringement, plagiarism, counterfeiting and other events still It is often seen. intellectual property protection, the furniture industry has become a chronic illness. How to cure the ills of? The day before, ended by the Beijing Tianjin Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei three of IPR assistance centers — Beijing 12330, Tianjin 12330, Hebei 12330, Hebei industry sponsored Home Furnishing intellectual property protection salon. Activities to reach a consensus, the furniture design concept, culture and brand etc. the factors of intellectual property rights has become an important magic weapon for the market, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights of furniture industry, enhance the awareness of intellectual property protection practitioners imminent. Three to build a "12330 workstation" in April this year, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei three IPR assistance centers to build the 12330 Home Furnishing industry intellectual property protection service station was established, the deep integration of the three high-quality workstation to protect the intellectual property rights of public service resources, closely docking Home Furnishing enterprises in the design and development, manufacturing, marketing and other aspects of the the protection of intellectual property services, intellectual property rights, to provide assistance for the enterprise dispute mediation, public training, hot topics and other services. The "Beijing Tianjin Hebei Home Furnishing industry intellectual property protection salon, is a practice of three to implement the operation mechanism of" territorial management, guidance, sharing ", in the future work, the three rights assistance center will also further improve the cooperation mechanism, establish a rapid resolution of intellectual property Home Furnishing enterprise reporting channel complaints and rights aid, the formation of Home Furnishing field volunteer experts, and promote innovative development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Home Furnishing enterprises, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, accelerate the process of regional economic integration. Tianjin Municipal Intellectual Property Office coordination and protection of intellectual property rights protection center, three people attended the salon. Markor, three furniture, home, Redstar and other three well-known furniture enterprises, the store charge also came to the salon scene. From the State Intellectual Property Office and the Beijing municipal court three IPR protection volunteer experts and Home Furnishing enterprises conducted in-depth exchanges, the volunteer experts in intellectual property disputes with Home Furnishing field common, explained the principle of patent, trademark and copyright infringement and knowledge for enterprises; note two volunteer experts and enterprise inspector the State Intellectual Property Office of the further exchange of the field of furniture design patent application. According to the Tianjin Furniture Industry Association, as the organizer of the event, the association will continue to build a platform for the exchange of furniture industry enterprises, and organize relevant training. The purpose of this paper is to further explore the pain points and difficulties in the protection of intellectual property rights in the home industry, enhance the awareness of the protection of intellectual property rights and the ability to deal with disputes, and create a good environment for the healthy development of the furniture industry. The whole industry to enhance the awareness of protection of intellectual property rights as a matter of fact, in the China furniture industry, intellectual property protection has been greatly improved, not long ago, Dongguan furniture fast intellectual property rights assistance center established "furniture industry patent infringement.相关的主题文章:

The illusion of products better products will be more successful – Sohu Technology-tamiflu

The illusion of products: better products will be more successful? We have always stressed that the science and technology Sohu – good user experience, but if you can not meet the needs of users from the root, not to meet the existing demand for new forms, but not for alternative user habits. Better products are not necessarily more successful. On this issue, the first product Google Maps leader Bret Taylor has a very exciting discussion. His conclusion is that in the face of traditional giant companies, if only to do better, better, almost impossible to win. In order to really succeed, we must adopt a new product form to meet the needs of users. Bret Taylor may be the most qualified person to make such a conclusion. He graduated from Stanford University with a master’s degree in computer science. He joined Google in 2003 and was an early leader in Google Maps. After the creation of the famous FriendFeed left Google, was acquired by Facebook in 2009, he was acquired after the Facebook CTO position. 2012 departure, he later founded Quip, which is a document collaboration products, recently acquired by the software service provider salesforce for $582 million, the transaction is incidental part of cash expenditures, the overall acquisition value of $750 million. Such a wealth of product management experience, so that he has a very deep understanding of the product, especially for the growth of start-up companies. Just started to do the product, he is like most people, as long as the product is the best, the other is naturally, that product quality is the key to win the competition. And Google let him further strengthen this view. Google had launched a search engine, many search tools on the market, but the Google search engine is better than the other, and therefore deus ex, embarked on the peak. So, Google’s credo is that the best products always win. Young Google product manager will accept American thinker Emerson’s "the mousetrap theory": if you developed a mousetrap (bait tool) is the best in the world, then you will win the world. (Build a mousetrap beat, and world will a path to your door.): the better But Taylor found that things are not as simple as imagined. Emerson’s famous saying is misleading, and this is not the key to success. Taylor believes that even if your product is the best in the world, it also wins, but rarely because your product is a better product. This is very important for China’s early entrepreneurs, such a unique thinking. Do not focus on the development of the best products, but to learn the system of a more comprehensive view of the product, look at entrepreneurship, look at the relationship between product and entrepreneurial success. Tay)相关的主题文章:

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FIA F4 moved to Shanghai Kumho tire FIA F4 Chinese back the rain fighting Championships in Shanghai, a heavy rain is so fierce competition on the track of brilliant! In September 11th, ShangHai Railway Station twelfth round tournament kicked off at the Shanghai international circuit in the field, after 8 laps of the track water contest, Beijing team Ai Chenjun won the mansory race champion, UMC team Bruno finished second, also from the forest in Tai’an is the team mansory with perfect overtaking technology third. The drivers with the same outstanding performance, as the FIA F4 China Championship exclusive supplier of Kumho tire tire, outstanding performance in the rain in the war also has been recognized by the competitors, the team is the rain fighting considerably! Bid farewell to the hot days, the FIA F4 is to manufacture long rain war new problems. Fortunately, all players are prepared, ECSTA W700 put on wet tyres all event exclusive tire supplier for Kumho tire, tire of this single guiding symmetrical design, designed for rain track dedicated to create, can effectively improve the drainage performance of tire in the water environment, the design of sizing formula and special structure can make the tire carcass to adapt to the rainy conditions. From the high temperature before the challenge to today’s rain test, Kumho tires in FIA F4 court always can cope, "regardless of the weather, Kumho tires will use the best quality, help the driver to get good grades." Kumho tire relevant responsible person said in an interview. This also allows FIA F4 young drivers to be able to control the best racing arena. Especially at the Shanghai International Speedway, the overall shape like "track design" has become a symbol, but more important is that since the beginning of 2004 here is the world of formula one (F1) of the game. F1 tournament director Charlie · whiting was evaluated, "this is a most difficult, high content of science and technology, the function of the whole F1 track, the car and the driver’s driving skills are great test". Because of this, FIA F4 Chinese Championship ShangHai Railway Station to participate in the race car drivers are full of expectations, after all, this is the dream of every formula car racing track, but also the ultimate goal of their struggle. Belong to the FIA FIA F4 tournament was also F1 game conveying numerous outstanding racer, it is through F4’s temper, provided the impetus for the driver into their career.     2016 FIA F4 China Championship ShangHai Railway Station has been successfully completed, and the final race of the season will be launched in Zhuhai in November 13th. Then, the long-awaited annual championship will reveal the answer, Kumho will tire with drivers, the team and the fans and friends to witness this moment of glory!相关的主题文章: