Originally empty, originally full – Guo shed exhibition is about to open zznba

It was empty, full – shed a Guo exhibition exhibition poster paper: unreal ceremony hu man "Orwell is afraid of those who deprive us of information, Huxley is worried about people in the vast sea of information has become passive and selfish; Orwell is afraid of the truth concealed, Huxley feared the truth is submerged in the boring tedious things; Orwell is worried about our culture has become the subject of culture, Huxley is worried about the vulgar culture our culture become sensual desire and no rules of the game. In short, Orwell is worried about what we hate will ruin us, but Huxley worried that we will end the things we love." With many years ago to read the "entertainment to death" in fragments as artists Guo studio opened the beginning of this paper, I want to fit. "Known and unknown" in fact, Neal. The book was published in the nearly 30 years ago, the TV just spread in the United States, in today all public discourse is to gradually form of entertainment, and become a kind of cultural spirit, even evolved into a cultural rule, a cultural content are most willing to to become a vassal of entertainment, active and even rack their brains to seek attention rate, the result is that we as a species of entertainment to death. Strictly speaking, Guo Peng do not belong to the photographer, he is a creative medium after multiple creation to express their thoughts in order to photograph, the cares of the world and the individual inner feelings of the artist. "Known and unknown" in this exhibition, "heavy curtain" this group of works, artists draw thousands of images from the public Zhang magazine and other public media, according to the current popular barrage phenomenon, with a punch in the picture above in accordance with the barrage generation mechanism of drilling, the picture arrangement form of barrage wall here is full. However, what is full? The artist tries to find some psychological concepts in place, psychological distance is a change from the things we treat isolated and helpless attitude and the attitude, which is the so-called practice opposite attitude. However, in the current era, the image has replaced the text become ubiquitous in the media, "the world is conceived and grasp the image" has evolved into "the world is making and unlimited copy as image, it is a challenge on the artists, and this is another expression of the isolated group works of" known and unknown ", thousands of blank paper re creation on the wall, combined into a cloud of unequal size. "Cloud" is the data, is variable, is ready to dissipate. It is in sharp contrast with the lively "heavy curtain". To this end, I think of Shakespeare’s drama "storm" in the fourth act, the Duke of Milan Luo Prospero conjure up to the elves, staged a scene of Masque, after the show he loved his daughter’s son said: "the earth all like this fantasy drama, such as the smoke clears." "Known and unknown" originally empty, originally full. As one is static, dynamic, there is a fate of the sad and confused, but in between the two, is full of diligent exploration, Shakespeare once lamented: a illusion of ceremony away. Perhaps, this is just another meaningful start, in the era of fragmentation of information, energy can相关的主题文章: