Only 63 days Pokemon go into income up to $500 million Mobile Games vidalia

Only 63 days "Pokemon GO" into income up to $500 million Mobile Games "Pokemon GO" Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 9th news, according to technology blog VentureBeat reports, market research firm App Annie released data show that the augmented reality game "Pokemon GO" only 63 days income of more than $500 million, become the history of the fastest to reach this milepost of Mobile Games. App Annie predicts that by the end of this year, Pokemon GO revenue will reach $1 billion, which is close to its July 6th in the past 6 months on the line. Just a day ago, Pokemon GO developer Niantic Labs John · (Hanke) announced at the apple conference, Pokemon GO download has more than 500 million times in CEO (John). Nintendo will be released on September 16th, Pokemon GO Bracelet Pokemon Go, which allows users to pull out the phone without the need to capture the spirit of the Plus. Nintendo and Pokemon hope the device will further boost the popularity of Pokemon GO in the market. In addition, Pokemon GO will be landing at the end of this year Apple Watch. Pokemon GO with only 63 days of income of $500 million Niantic obtained the Pokemon company’s authorization, the development of Pokemon GO. Pokemon and Nintendo both hold Niantic shares. App Annie believes that Niantic also hopes to create more revenue through cooperation. In addition to McDonald’s Japan, Softbank has announced in early September in cooperation with Niantic. According to the agreement, Softbank’s 3700 stores as "Pokemon GO" pocket site or museum. "One of the highlights of the apple conference is the game. Pokemon GO on the line marks the top 10 tour will be landing Apple Watch. "Pokemon" by iOS GO and Google Play app store in the global revenue of more than $500 million, "App Annie, senior vice president of marketing communications and Danielle · Vitas (Danielle Levitas) said," "Pokemon" GO cross platform expansion will allow more game developers to consider the development of wearable devices in the game." Vitas pointed out that the current number of games on the wearable platform reached 1762, an increase of 25%. Many industry insiders believe that the game download is slowing down, will inevitably decline. However, since the current game downloads have reached such a high level, the overall decline will take some time. However, another research firm SuperData Research predicts, Pokemon GO current revenue of $395 million. (compile Xiao rain)相关的主题文章: